Watch Tommy Lee Facebook and Instagram Post

Tommy Lee ‘s Instagram and Facebook post where he is showing his pnis leaked online.

About Tommy Lee viral Facebook and Instagram Post Leaked Online

Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee is presently moving overall on Twitter.

Why, you inquire? Has he enthusiastically denied web tales that he’s been utilizing backing tracks on visit? Has he tumbled down one more stairway? No companions, no. Basically, the infamous sticksman has transferred a picture of his privates onto his virtual entertainment accounts, and nobody is altogether certain why.

In spite of the fact that it has since been erased on Instagram for audaciously conflicting with the stage’s standards on bareness, the picture is still out there so that the world could see on Twitter and Facebook. Presently the world is passed on to ask why the performer figured it would be smart, or something that his 1.4M devotees on Instagram, 678.7K supporters on Twitter, and 1.2M adherents on Facebook would appreciate.

We can read your mind; did he really intend to transfer it? Perhaps a sassy late evening sexting meeting turned out badly? Indeed, according to the going with subtitle, a prolonged and mocking “oh no”, it was no mishap from T-Bone, as he was once known to newspaper journos. Besides, in light of his subsequent post on Instagram, which shows a penis-themed image praising its size through a picture of an elephant, we’re near sure that this was no simple blunder.

Fans have since posted various shocked remarks accordingly, one coming from his significant other Brittany Furlan, who basically expressed: “Wow”.

In spite of the fact that there’s been an unforeseen whirlwind of amusing posts made from the transfer, a few fans aren’t so excited to see the NSFW picture show up onto their feeds.

One Facebook client expresses: “simply an image of a person has nothing better to do. Try not to misunderstand me, I love Motley Crue and been a fan starting from the start in 1981, however we’ve all seen it previously and what’s the point…I’m almost certain small children are on this application and they don’t require this…”

Others are shocked that it took Instagram a few hours to eliminate the post, and by the reality it hasn’t yet been brought somewhere near Twitter or Facebook by any means.

Watch Tommy Lee Viral Facebook and Instagram Post

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