Watch Oye Kyme Video Tape Leaked on Twitter

The s*x tape of the popular oye kyme video tape has been leaked all over the internet. The popular social media sensation, Instagram Influencer from Ivory Coast, also known as Kyme Oye whose real name Onyee Bankee which is currently trending on the social media platforms.

Oye Kyme confirms that the video is real and the she is confirmed that the she is the one who posted the video, she also shared that the video is now on “one of the biggest p*rn sites in the world.”

While she was talking with her fans, Oye Kyme made it known on her Instagram story as most of her fans interviewed about her new career path that she has decided on?

Who is Oye kyme

She is having great personality and when it comes to perusing her career, she has always been clear about her choices and wants from her career. She is very clear about her needs from her future and how to make the best life from where she belongs.

What is Oye kyme Leaked video tape All about? – fans questions

As one of her fans asked her why she wanted to have ‘p*rn’ as her new career journey? She reacted by telling them that she preferred to be a po*nstar just because she adores s*x and is extremely excited to showcase her talents for shooting p*rn.

Another fan of her also asked her that if she wants to have her parent’s proposals for the kind of work she wants to conduct and their response to her po8n tapes. She pointed out that her parents possess have not seen her videos yet as they are not, they’re in the social media and would not be eligible to see it.       

Watch Oye kyme video tape

If you want to watch the full video, please visit the link

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