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MAXstream offers a TV series about teenage romance in content titled Love in Game. This series tells the twists and turns of the romantic journey of two people who meet in an online game.

The two fall in love during the game even though they don’t feel the same way in the real world. Love in Game presents a love story that is fun and relevant to the lives of casual gamers.

Nirvana hopes that Love in Game can boost the list of high-quality game series produced by MAXstream and encourage all Indonesians to follow the success of the Kolak Express 3 series, Rasyah The Wonderkid Indonesia Esports Legend and Love Coach.

Sinopsis Love in Game MaxStream

The story follows a journey between the real world and a girl who is studying at a college named Livvy. In real life Livvy has a rival in college a young man named Prince.

Price is known to be a troublesome young man and not a day goes by without a fight with the two. On the other hand, the virtual world of Price is very happy to play the online game Mobile Legends for a day in the same room with a player named Lonewolf.

Lonewolf is a player who catches Livy’s attention and when Livy discovers who she is and the world of online games she deepens her affection for the player. Livy and Lonewolf share the same goal of becoming a professional mobile game legend.

Who would have thought that the world would be so cramped in real life. Because who would have thought that Lone Wolf was Prince’s rival.

Pemain Love in Game

  • Livy Renata as Livy
  • Gabriel Prince as Prince
  • Rachel Florence as Rachel
  • Julian Jacob as Julian
  • Arif Alfiansyah
  • Daniel Typhoon
  • Brenda Kwan
  • Bio One

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