[Watch] A merchant smashes a family stall in the Malacca night market like a gang member

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Bullying is never acceptable in a society where everyone is entitled to respectful treatment.

Recently, an incident circulated in Pasar Malam where a conceited and hostile merchant beat up the stall belonging to a family.

The accident took place at Pahlawan Walk in Malacca.

In the video, a boy can be heard in the background as the man kicks around the shoes being sold by the family.

The boy and his family were shocked by what was happening and asked the assailant why their booth had been “destroyed”.

eye for an eye

While making a fuss at the night market, the man claimed that the boy’s father had started a fight that resulted in the death of his men.

Because he was angry at what had happened to his men, it was “punishment” for the boy’s father.

Meanwhile, netizens criticized the act of bullying and said that such behaviors will have consequences, and rightly so.

We won’t always like or agree with everyone we meet, but we should respect each other.

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Internet users said that no matter what, a merchant has no right to disrupt someone’s livelihood.

In addition, the boy who was looking after his family booth knows nothing of what happened between the man and his father.

Netizens said that the man should deal directly with the father and not deal with the helpless boy.

It is understood that the family filed a police report of the incident.

The accident was caused by the family placing some chairs in front of a shop. The chairs were meant for customers to sit on while trying on the shoes.

According to the report, the store owner was unhappy that he prevented customers from entering his premises.

The family also claimed that the assailant was the uncle of the shop owner.

The family filed a police report regarding the incident. (Picks: Facebook)

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