Warung Kupat Tahu Telupat Bantul

CafeBerita.com – Jogjakarta has a delicious and filling culinary preparation. The culinary name is Kupat Tofu. This folk food has been known to the people of Yogyakarta for a long time.

One of the most famous stalls selling Kupat Tofu in Jogja is Warung Tahu Telupat. The name of this food in the correct language is Ketupat Tahu.

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Warung Kupat Tahu Telupat Bantul

Jogja residents call Ketupat as Kupat while Telupat is the name Ketupat in Sukoharjo where the owner of this stall was born.

Tahu Telupat has several branches in Jogja. Warung 1 is on Jl. Parangtritis Km 4.5 Jogja (near the South Ringroad). Warung 2 is located on Jl. Imogiri Timur Km 7.5 to be exact south of Giwangan Terminal.

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Suitable for those of you who visit Jogja by bus and get off at Giwangan Terminal. While Warung 3 is on Jl. The North Ringroad Maguwohargjo booth is located east of SMK 1 Depok.

This shop has been around since 1998. The initial intention was to present a healthy and nutritious menu but packed with traditional flavors.

No less than Kupat know Magelang

A stall that has the slogan “healthy and halal menu” as a form of their commitment to the initial idea of ​​establishing this stall. TahuTelupat Bantul.

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When we visited Warung 1 we didn’t find it difficult to find it because it was on the side of the road.

Warung Tahu Telupat is dominated by woven bamboo in an open condition.

The breezy wind from outside and the coolness of the existing fan provide a sense of comfort.

We immediately ordered the famous Tofu Telupat.

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Actually the shape is not much different from Kupat Tofu another.

One serving of Tofu Telupat consists of half-cooked fried tofu, sliced ​​​​ketupat, bean sprouts, sliced ​​cabbage, celery and fried onions. What is different is that there is an additional egg in the Tofu Telupat portion.

All of them are then poured with peanut sauce and watery soy sauce with a fairly thick garlic taste. Covered with crispy crackers. It’s time to eat!

When tasting a little of the sauce, the sweet taste is quite dominant with the aroma and taste of onions being quite strong. For those of you who like spicy, you can order chili when ordering.

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Just stir all the contents of the Tofu Tofu so that the spices are evenly distributed.

When the spices coat the half-cooked fried tofu and enter the mouth, the juicy taste of the savory guava blends with the sweetness of the spices and produces a delicious taste.

Fried vegetables and onions provide a fresh taste and fragrant aroma. Then closed with fresh apple juice. Perfect. One serving of Tofu + Egg is priced at Rp. 8,500. The Tofu Telupat stall is open from 10 am to 10 pm. Must try!


Kupat know what special?

There are several types of kupat tofu, but the most famous ones are those from Singaparna, Surakarta, and Grabag, Magelang, the difference being in the spices and flavor enhancers.

What’s the difference between ketoprak and kupat know?

Ketoprak is a typical food of West Java. Lots of peanut seasoning, added vermicelli, bean sprouts and pieces of tofu. If Kupat knows the characteristics of Magelang, the difference is to use soy sauce plus add coarse beans, there is also cabbage, pieces of bakwan, bean sprouts, don’t use vermicelli, use pieces of tofu.

Kupat knows what it’s made of?

The basic ingredient in this dish is fried tofu which is combined with diamonds, then doused with peanut sauce and a sprinkling of crackers as an addition. However, there is a peculiarity in the tofu kupat which is served in the West Java region.

Does kupat know Sundanese food?

Sundanese people have many ways to celebrate Eid with ketupat. Not only for friends to eat chicken opor or chili fried potatoes ati gizzard, you can also make ketupat into tofu kupat bandung.

What’s the difference between tofu and tofu?

The difference is that the tofu kupat doused with soy sauce has a dark brown color and is given whole fried peanuts. Meanwhile, kupat tofu uses a sauce with a mixture of coarsely ground peanut sauce. Not only that, kupat Tahu generally doesn’t use white tofu, but yellow tofu.

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