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It is not the first time that gossip about the relationship between the famous comedian and entrepreneur, Shuib Sepahtu and Wan Sharmila has been talked about. Even earlier, Wan Sharmila had refused to answer the question.

However, the latest upload of a video featuring Wan Sharmila with Shuib Sepahtu’s children namely Uwais Alqarni, Dzahira Talita Zahra, Ariq Matin and her youngest child, Ayash Affan seems to be the talk of netizens once again.

In this shared upload, Wan Sharmila was greeted happily when she was in the car by Shuib’s children who ran and hugged her as soon as they saw the beautiful actress. Witnessing them being friendly with Wan Sharmila at a party makes netizens also ready to pray for their happiness if they are going to be married.

The video has also caused various speculations for fans, not to mention that many parties have started making various assumptions if Shuib is seen close to any celebrity.

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In the meantime, Shuib Sepahtu’s mother was also seen being friendly with Wan Sharmila to the extent that the video also stole the attention of thousands of netizens on TikTok and the video involved was also left with thousands of likes.

While seeing the joy of Shuib Sepahtu’s mother with Wan Sharmila in the 50-second video also made fans happy.

“Most suitable…”

“Good prayers…”


“Why do you feel teary looking at this”

IMG_20220811_155153_1Wan Sharmila

“Beautiful and looks loving…”


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