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Wa GB Latest Anti Expiration Newest No Hoax 2022

WhatsApp Mod or known as WA Mod APK is often used by users because some WA Program Roles are still considered to have limits by users.

For example, when someone delivers a message but the sender has just taken the message, we certainly can’t read it and are made to want to know what the message is. Nach, how to read messages that have been deleted just now can use WhatsApp Mod APK.

One of the most popular messaging programs popular today is WhatsApp which has now been taken up by Facebook.

Currently the WhatsApp program has been downloaded by more than 5 billion users around the world. even the average discussion rating of this program is ranked 5.

With these statistics, of course, the What’sApp LLC program is loved by some of its users even to this day.

But behind all its fame, in fact WhatsApp has many shortcomings, you can read the WA MOD lightly, below.

About WhatsApp Mod

WhatsApp Mod or WA versus Mod A program that has been modified to add a number of new features.

Even some of the innovative features of WhatsApp Mod iOS are better than the features in the original WA from the Playstore.

WhatsApp versus Mod This application now comes in several versions and features. So often sometimes it makes users confused which one to install.

Therefore, for those of you who want to use and watch the WhatsApp mod application group, please read the info below.

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WhatsApp Mod Features in General

Here are some of the features that are brought to the latest WhatsApp Mods in general, you can see the information as follows.

Reading Deleted Messages

When we convey a message but the message is not read because of that we choose to delete it to all devices whether we or someone.

But it is different if the person you are chatting with is someone who uses WhatsApp No Root Mode, because the message can still be read.

Download Live Story Video Status

The drawback of Original WA is the absence of features such as Download Videos that someone shares through their timeline.

Because there is this WA Mod, you can download it directly without using a 3rd faction program.

Send Large Size Photo and Video Media Files

If we generally send music media files, photos, documents, images and other media, it can only be up to 16 MB optimally.

But if you use WhatsApp Versus Mod Versus, you can send unlimited files (Unlimited).

Setting the Topic and Appearance

Set topics and appearances freely, even in general this mod has a topic storage of more than 100 topics that suit your desires.

Hiding Online Status

Many mods in this messaging program have a feature to hide the status that indicates it is online or Active.

You can use this feature to keep away from people who are targeting or curious about us.

Font Adjust

Many font styles with various sizes that you can adjust freely.

Generally, we recommend fonts that are downloaded from a site and installed in a special WhatsApp directory, but in this mod version, you can set them directly.

Support Multiple Accounts

The next feature, you can have 2 or more accounts, no need to install a clone program like parallel lite.

Likewise for those of you who have more than 1 mobile phone number, so you can register and activate it on the WA mod as well.

Long status time duration

If generally the duration of making a status on WA ORI is up to 30 seconds, therefore you can upload a status with an optimal time duration of 10 minutes.

Chat without saving number

You can send messages without needing to save the direction number.

Even if the direction number is limited or does privacy, the message will still enter and be received by the direction number.

Program Lock

One of the features that keep your security safe is that you can secure your Messages with others with a Password or Pin Scheme.

With this, when your colleague borrows a cell phone, you can’t open the contents of our conversation with other people.

Steps to Install Whatsapp Unlock Mode

When you are done, know the various types of features and advantages that are in the Transparent WA program, and you also do the file download process via the link above. Nach, now is the time that you need to do first before using it, which is to install or manually pair the program files on the cellphone you are using.

Because WA Open is a program versus a modification which of course has a different installation step from the original program. However, if there are still some of you who are still indecisive or don’t know how to do it. Please be able to watch and follow some of the ways below easily and safely.

  • The first step, please do the download process first via the link above.
  • If you have, then please enter directly in the Settings menu on the mobile device.
  • Next scroll down to find the Security option and enable Unknown Sources for processing
  • install can be carried out safely and smoothly.
  • Then, please go to the Download Folder menu and look for the Open WA application file that was downloaded initially.
  • The last step, please hold down the file and click the Install option then wait a while until
  • the installation process is complete.
  • After now WA Open you can immediately use it comfortably and safely.

Steps to Do an Open Whatsapp Update

Just as you already know, this program itself doesn’t come from the PlayStore or App Store platforms.

Therefore, when you want to do the process of updating or improving the mechanism, it is necessary and must be carried out manually. Therefore, updating the anti-banned feature mechanism in Open WA can play an optimal role.

Nach, please, for those who don’t understand the trick, you can watch and read the tutorial below.

  • The initial stages, please make sure first if the internet access you want to use is smooth and constant for smooth updating.
  • Next, please open and log in to the Open WA program on your cellphone.
  • Next, please go to the Settings menu and click on the three-dot icon at the top of the special page.
  • Then select the GB Settings icon and enter the Up-date Mechanism option.
  • When finished, then click the Check For Up-dates option to check if the update versus latest process runs smoothly.
  • Then you just have to wait a while until the update process for the latest version of the WA Open is over.
  • When finished, then please, you can immediately click the Download option and the update will automatically end and will be installed on the device.
  • After good practice.

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