Vivago Shoppe Latest Money Making Application 2022 Is It Safe?

this time the sanepo team will discuss the latest money-making Vivago Shoppe application that you might try.

In this day and age, many people find it difficult to find work. So they choose to look for an additional income through the application.

Money-making applications are currently one of the most sought after applications and many applications are also available on the internet.

With this application alone, you can get additional income by only using your cellphone.

But unfortunately, there are now a lot of applications that claim to make money but are actually fraudulent.

Because there are so many fraudulent applications that are scattered, it is difficult for us to distinguish between them.

For that, we will also provide an information review about the Vivago Shoppe application.

before you use the app. It would be nice, you must know in advance the ins and outs of the application that you will use, so that later things like fraud do not happen to you.

What is Vivago Shoppe Money Making App?

This vivago application is one of the newest money-making applications that is currently booming discussed.

You can use this application for free, without having to top up first at the beginning.

Before you use this application to earn income, then you must register first.

To register, you only need to prepare an active cellphone number and also the email you are currently using. So you don’t need to verify with an ID card

You can find the Vivago Shopee application on the play store and the size of the application is also quite small, only 4.0 MB.

The way the vivago shopee application works is very easy to do, you just need to invite your friends to join using this application.

From the results of inviting these friends, you will be given a bonus in the form of a balance of Rp. 5,000.

How to Register the Vivago Shoppe Money Making Application

Here are some steps to register in the Vivago Shoppe application that you can do:

  1. Download and install the application first through the play store on your cellphone.
  2. If it is already installed, then you can open the application.
  3. Click register and enter the data that matches what they submitted, starting with your full name, email address, password, phone number or WhatsApp.
  4. Then, you can enter the referral code or invitation code of another user.
  5. When finished, click Register and open your email email.
  6. After that, click the verification link that comes in the email.
  7. Next, re-open the Vivago Shoppe application and create a new PIN.

How To Earn Money On The Vivago Shoppe App

As we said before, you can earn in this app by inviting friends.

But before you invite friends, then you must first join the referral program.

To be able to join this referral program is also very easy, you only need to enter the homepage of this Vivago Shoppe application.

Then, click the profile menu at the bottom right. Scroll down until you find the referral program menu.

If you have found it, you can click on the program and then you will get your referral code according to your full name when registering.

After that, you can share the referral code with your friends with terms and conditions apply.

Is Vivago Shoppe APK Proven Paying and Safe?

According to the information we have obtained, we state that this application does not necessarily pay every user.

Because this application could give referrals gifts that we can not withdraw into cash.

But for those of you who want to keep downloading this application, then you can try it and prove it for yourself, whether the application pays or not.

Because what’s wrong with trying, who knows later this application is proven to be paying and not committing fraud or scams.


Thus the explanation of the Vivago Shoppe Money-making application, hopefully this review can be very helpful and become a good reference for you.

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