Visit Farmer’s Day while having a picnic with the family

BACHOK: The people of Kelantan did not miss the opportunity to visit the state-level Farmers, Breeders and Fishermen’s Day celebrations held at Pantai Irama near here.

The entrance to the location was so crowded today, where thousands of Kelantan citizens including from other states such as Terengganu and Kedah flocked to visit the program.

The location is located on the beach next to Pantai Irama tourist center, allowing people to visit the Farmers’ Day celebration while having a picnic with their families.


Various agricultural agencies belonging to the state and federal governments participated in the exhibition held. The public also had the opportunity to buy fruit tree seedlings that were innovated from the laboratory, including banana seeds produced by the FGV laboratory in Pahang.

According to a FGV spokesperson, Berangan banana saplings sell best when they are grabbed by the public and are sold at a price of RM10 for 4 trees.

In addition, Kota Bharu Polytechnic students in Kok Lanas also sell compost fertilizer products that are suitable for vegetables and fruits. The product is the result of innovation by students majoring in agricultural technology.

The Mardi booth was also well received when people bought various types of books related to fruit cultivation. The best-selling book related to durian growers and methods of producing fodder.

The sado cattle exhibition space also got a response, when some visitors took the opportunity to take pictures with the sado cows that cost more than RM10,000.

School students also had the opportunity to learn about traditional fruits that were the favorites of our grandparents, including figs, nona, binjai, kelubi, asam gelugur, sekiat, kuini, kedondong and many more.

The Farmer’s Day celebration that started last Thursday will end tomorrow. In addition to that in Kota Bharu, there is also the Malaysian Family Aspiration expo held at the Sultan Muhammad IV Kota Bharu Stadium which started yesterday and ends tomorrow. – HARAKAHDAILY 23/7/2022

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