Viral: When Four leaves… does he keep watching?

Usually during the excitement of a cricket match, one sees the field players trying their best to stop his run. If they thought the ball would go four, many players would run long distances and dive together to try to stop the ball. In this order, some people who take such risks are sometimes injured. But when the ball goes to four, here a fielder is watching it like watching a movie. This news has now gone viral on social media.

As part of the world of road safety, it is known that many former players are now returning to playing cricket. It has to be said that every match will be filled with excitement as the giants who have announced their retirement from cricket are back on the pitch and playing cricket. Recently, as part of the Road Safety World Series, a match was held between Australia Legends vs Bangladesh Legends.

As part of this, the Australian Legends team scored 138 runs losing seven wickets in 19 overs. 21 runs are required for victory in the last round. Brad Haddin hit in the crease. Meanwhile, Abul Hasan comes to the bowl. The first ball is a yorker and no points are scored. The second ball made six.. At that time, 15 runs were scored in four balls.. Hasan threw the ball not on the third ball. 2 score runs. 12 fours are required in 3 balls. The third ball becomes four. But the fourth ball goes to the same place. But the fielder who had previously dived to stop the ball didn’t try to catch the ball. At least he didn’t move his feet. Captain Bowler was also surprised by this. This video went viral.

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