Viral Videos of Gancet Couples Causes and Explanations

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Social media was stirred up by videos of couples who were said to be naturally hot when having sex. The last time I found a trending video, it was just a setting or experiment.

But in the clinical world, gancet can be explained about triggers and how to deal with them. The term “gancet” refers to a condition when the male sex organs are entangled in the vagina and cannot be separated. Then, what is gancet and what is the clinical narrative according to the doctor?

Doctor’s statement

Gancet in clinical terms is called penis captivus. Sexologist as well as obstetrics and gynecology specialist Boyke Dian Nugraha explained that if a gancet to make the penis really cannot be separated is a dogma.

“Generally this is used to frighten young people not to have perfunctory sexual relations. But it’s not true if it can’t be separated,” Boyke told us via telephone, Wednesday (8/9/2021).

According to Boyke, if the penis is entangled in the vagina and cannot be removed, the impact may be short-lived. If both partners relax and wait a while, the muscles will relax on their own.

“It’s impossible that the penis can’t come off because the vagina is slippery (lubrication) and when the penis becomes small it will come off. It’s clinically impossible to get hooked unless there’s something out of the ordinary,” said Boyke. According to Boyke, generally in such circumstances the penis muscles will soften.

The trigger trigger

The trigger trigger

The same thing was said by a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at Jenderal Sudirman Campus who is a skin and venereal specialist at Purwokerto Hospital, Dr. Ismiralda Oke Putranti.

“Penis captivus generally has a temporary nature, if the partner has experienced muscle relaxation, it can come off on its own, but in some cases it requires a doctor’s help, to be given muscle relaxants,” said Oke to us, Wednesday night.

Gancet or with clinical language mentioned penis captivus as a state of the trapped penis in the vagina.

According to Oke, one of the triggers for sexual intercourse is a condition called vaginismus, in which the vagina closes involuntarily due to muscle spasms in the pelvic floor.

“In vaginismus, there is a sudden spasm of the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal walls in something that is penetrative to the vagina. It’s just that this gancet event is relatively rare, because if a woman does experience vaginismus, penetrating is difficult to achieve,” he explained.

Gancet or penis captivus, occurs because of a series of events during sex. There are several things that are known to cause a partner to get hooked during sex. These include the following:

1. The penis is filled with blood

The first cause of the penis is the penis that fills with blood during an erection. This blood-filled penis event can occur and continue until it is in size before orgasm.

2. The vaginal wall expands

The second cause that is known to make couples experience captivus is the vaginal wall that expands and contracts during sex. The vaginal wall is made of muscle tissue. It is the muscles in the vagina that may throb a little during the orgasm.

So, sometimes the vaginal muscles contract more than usual and can narrow the vaginal opening. As a result, this narrowing can prevent a man from expelling his penis, especially if the penis is still enlarged and erect in the vagina. If this happens, it is important for the couple to remain calm.

Do not force the penis to come out, because it will only cause more pain. Usually this won’t happen for long, so try to calm yourself down by taking deep breaths to relax the muscles.
If the penis does not come off, immediately go to the hospital for help. In this condition, the doctor will likely give you an injection of a muscle relaxant. If this happens frequently, tell your doctor to look for the cause, whether it’s vaginismus or blood flow problems.

Danger is near

Danger is near

Gancet can only occur when there is excessive vaginismus during intercourse. At its most chronic point, excessive vaginismus can be accompanied by respiratory arrest which can result in death

“Your vagina is generally related to physical and mental or emotional factors. Physical factors can be related to infections in the vagina, certain health conditions such as ferocity and lichen sclerosus disease, menopause, lack of lubrication and foreplay, and others,” said Oke.

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And the mental factor, according to Oke, can be caused by the heart of fear, worry, trauma felt by women. Therefore, what has the potential to cause death is a state of vaginismus. While the captive penis or penis only has a temporary nature and does not result in death.

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