Viral Video of Two Lovebirds Performing Perverted Actions on Muarareja Beach, Tegal – Viral Video of Two Lovebirds Performing Perverted Actions on Muarareja Beach, Tegal. Recently circulated a video nasty two lovebirds.

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Lewd Action at Muarareja Beach, Tegal

Recently, a nasty video of a pair of lovers suspected of being high school students (SMA), in the video shows 2 students who are doing lewd acts wearing white and gray uniforms in a shop on the coast, After we explored the beach, it was Muarareja Beach, Tegal.

The first time the nasty video was found on one of the Facebook social media applications. Uploaded by one of the accounts @Yanto xxxx on Monday, May 23, 2022 afternoon. Referring to a pair of lovebirds being raided by local residents, after committing an unnatural act (Mesum).

After being raided the two lovebirds were very surprised, then the young couple covered their faces because they felt embarrassed. Residents around the beach Muarareja Tegal gathered while chattering to the couple.

“Hotels will be cheap, yes, 90 be olih ya. It’s like when you fill it in oh. Is it okay?” (In the hotel, you only got 90 thousand. If that’s the case, it’s a shame, right) said a woman who recorded the lewd scene of the two lovebirds.

After that, various comments from netizens also filled the comments column, in the Facebook post. Not a few who regret the unnatural thing these two students.

“This model, sing marai, has a major disaster. Please make coastal tourism security officers even more control,” said one social media account named Firdaus Hate Cockroaches.

However, we haven’t found much information about the viral video of two underage lovebirds on the beaches of Muarareja, Tegal.

We ask parents to carry out stricter supervision, so that nothing like this happens again, which will ruin their future.

To find out more from this information, you can click the Viral Video Link on Muarareja Beach, Tegal, OK! You can also view the video by clicking here.

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