Viral, Former Assistant to Hotman Paris Iglima Kim Vomits Blood Maggots, Allegedly Bewitched – Viral, Former Assistant to Hotman Paris Iglima Kim Vomits Maggot Blood, Allegedly in witchcraft Conflict between Hotman Paris and his former assistant Climate Who, keep rolling.

However, there is something interesting behind the ongoing conflict with Hotman Paris and Iqlima Kim.

Iqlimah Kim is reported to have experienced things beyond human understanding.

Iqlimah Kim vomited blood and maggots according to the Instagram account @Iqlima Kim on Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Iqlima Kim Like under a spell

According to circulating information, Iqlima Kim is suspected of being a witch. So that experiencing things is not unnatural.

Through his upload on Instastory, Iqlima Kim explained that at first he only had nausea and pain in the spine.

But he felt a tremendous chill. “The bones in the back are sore, the whole body is cold like a corpse,” wrote Iqlima Kim in her Instagram Story.

became the public spotlight after admitting to being a victim of sexual harassment by the famous lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea.

Iqlima Kim is known to be a former personal assistant (aspri) of Hotman Paris who later chose to resign. Who is Iqlima Kim?

Now Iqlima Kim is accompanied by his attorney, Razman Arif Nasution, who has revealed a confession of sexual harassment by Hotman Paris’ lawyer.

Based on information circulating, Iqlima Kim admitted to being harassed by Hotman Paris in February 2022 while in a car.

So who is Iqlima Kim who claims to have been sexually harassed by Hotman Paris? Check out his profile below.

Iqlima Kim doesn’t share much of his personal life on social media, so information about him is quite limited.

Iqlima Kim is a former personal assistant to Hotman Paris who has a track record in the entertainment world in the country.

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He has starred in a number of soap operas such as “Suara Hati Wife” and “True Stories”. In her role, Iqlima Kim often tries as an antagonist.

Apart from being an actress who often appears on TV, this woman born in the 2000s is also an entrepreneur. He is the owner of Iqlima Beauty Studio which is engaged in nail art and false eyelashes based in Jakarta and Sukabumi.

The mother of one also has a large following on social media. His personal Instagram account has more than 36 thousand followers while on his social media TikTok, he has more than 262 thousand followers with 1 million likes.


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