Viral Bride 7 Months Pregnant During the Reception, Turns Out to be a Victim of Covid

The pregnant bride who is being dressed in a white kebaya is viral on social media – The COVID-19 pandemic situation has indeed made various plans to be adjusted, including the moment of the wedding reception. Not long ago, the moment the bride married with a seven-month pregnant belly made netizens excited.

The moment is like in the video uploaded by Cecep’s facebook account. “D-Day slim bride NO, D-Day the bride is seven months pregnant YES”, wrote in the video. Her growing belly was wrapped in a white kebaya. The woman looks happy smiling in the video.

This unusual sight was immediately clarified by the bride. The woman admitted that it was not because of an “accident” that she had to get married while pregnant, but because the pandemic situation made her wedding reception plans continue to be postponed.

She claimed to have married her husband a year ago. However, due to the pandemic situation, the Government issued a policy to limit the wedding procession, so the reception continued to be postponed.

After a year of marriage, only then was the reception held according to the plans of the bride and groom and their families. Even though she was pregnant, this woman looked very happy. She also looked beautiful in her wedding dress.

Several public accounts shared this moment, so that netizens commented on it. Many then invited netizens not to be tied up or put bad prejudices against the two brides.

Nowadays, most people are pregnant before they get married. Both parents want to eat taro and mn nnti because they are already dirty with a bloated stomach”, Wrote the account @ Ibune Joko Karo Gidok.

It’s good after the child is born… It’ll be rich in the recent video… The child cries because there is no photo of him at his parents’ wedding😂”, wrote the account @ Rafe EL.

To all the illiterates who claim that their mother is pregnant out of wedlock. If you can’t read, you shouldn’t have to use social media. And also those who say “it’s better if the funds are for childbirth, for this and that” what if people want a reception? His money too. Again, he also gets a reward for entertaining guests. Sorry to say, not all people are poor, not everyone thinks it’s better. 🙏🏻🙏🏻”, said the account @ Rahel Fahima.

It was a long time ago, the reception was postponed by a year because of covid, so when the reception was full, I was already pregnant. Read dong 😊😊”, revealed the account @ Anie Gumilang – Printing.

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