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Viral Batak Bride Videos on TikTok Link Full HD 2022

KavSar.Net – Who hasn’t heard of viral videos? Yes, the video circulating in cyberspace spread quickly and widely, just like the video of a Batak wedding that went viral on tiktok.

Tiktok is a social media that is loved by all groups, both teenagers, children and even mothers. In fact, this tiktok does not distinguish gender, almost all people like to play tiktok.

Whatever is currently being published on TikTok, whether it’s trivial things until crucial things are immortalized on social media.

Because right now, the world and the times are different from before, even social media can’t be trusted.

It could be that on social media he looks very happy, but in reality he is suffering a lot.

Anything that is done to make it viral and famous, either yourself or others is now used as content to attract the attention of others.

Moreover, we can’t limit someone’s happiness, because we don’t know the level of other people’s happiness.

As in one of the videos currently circulating about a couple’s wedding video.

This story revolves around a church in Sumatra where a wedding is taking place. For more details, let’s just take a look at the review kavsar below which will discuss about the video Batak bride.

About the Viral Batak Bride Video on TikTok

Viral Batak Bride Videos

On tiktok there is a viral video that is widely circulated about a Batak wedding video which shows an angry woman coming to church.

Especially when the wedding was going on and the mother was angry at the church.

Things like this alone have attracted the attention of many people. What’s more, it turns out that the angry woman is the biological mother of the bride.

The mother was very angry because her son did not marry the man of her choice. You could say that her mother did not approve of the marriage of her daughter who loved her very much and wanted to marry a man of her choice.

Therefore, his mother was very angry and made a lot of noise at her son’s wedding. Moreover, at that time the wedding was taking place at the Tanjung Muai HKBP Church, Sumatra.

The outrage took place at his son’s wedding, but the wedding had already taken place. The child has married the man of her choice even without the consent of her own family.

The mother came to her son’s wedding, after the blessing ceremony was over. The mother in a rage walked into the church in a loud and angry voice.

One of those who were in the blessing procession recorded and distributed the video of the mother.

From the video, it is known that the child is named Rettania Yanti Boru Nainggolan and the mother is named Asima Mariati Ema Sitorus.

The video is circulating on social media, especially tiktok and there are still many users who are looking for the video link.

Let’s see to find out the video link.

Batak Bride Video Link

Marriage is not an easy thing, not only lovers who love each other, but also parents who give their blessing to get married.

This is different from the Batak wedding video which is filled with drama. Reportedly the bride married without asking her mother’s blessing.

Even so, in fact both parties have been mediating and are in a peace agreement.

However, maybe a sense of satisfaction from the problem has not been found, so there are still obstacles in the heart that have not been resolved.

The video was widely circulated until it entered FYP. But the video has been deleted by tiktok.

So you can’t find the Batak wedding video anymore on tiktok.

Eits, no need to worry. You can still find the viral wedding video link via links available on several web sources.

The circulation of this video is very disturbing to various parties. So Rettania made a video clarification explaining what actually happened.

Hopefully this problem can be resolved quickly and does not happen to all of you.

You can also enjoy other links below.

Maybe that’s all that can be conveyed this time about the Batak wedding video. Thank you


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