View the trailer for Apex Season 14 as a tribute to the mobile legend – and you might have missed it

All eyes were on the upcoming legend Vantage during the day Apex Legends cinematic, but the countdown before the trailer gave fans a clear hint at Crypto — and a subtle hint at one of the legends in Apex Mobile.

During the countdown before the show, two guild workers were joking before the start of an Apex Games match. After one tries to convince the other to gamble, they talk about what they will do with the winnings. Someone says he “buys a jacket that reflects time” so he can laugh at his friend for placing the losing bet. This very specific desire is likely a reference to Apex MobileThe first mobile legend, Fade, was spotted by content creator The Gaming Merchant.

Like Wraith, Fade can also move between dimensions and use the vacuum in Apex games. One of his abilities, Flashback, will set Fade back five seconds in time, similar to Tracer Recall’s ability in Note and watch. He also uses his powers during his end, allowing him to send enemies and allies into the void.

Unlike Wraith, however, Fade can only scale with the help of his suit, which has become an important part of his personality, identity and toolkit. A ‘time-reflecting jacket’ is a very specific item to buy, and it’s likely a reference to this Apex MobilePhasing Punisher, as it is called in the game.

during launch Apex MobileThe developers also confirmed that there is no plan to get Fade into the HD version of climax in this time. Respawn Entertainment designed the Fade feature specifically for gameplay in Apex MobileAnd focus on some of the strengths that will translate well into the new systems. While the interaction isn’t necessarily definitive proof that Fade will pull off between versions of the hero shooter, it’s a fun in-universe nod that ties the rest of the franchise together.

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