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Every bride and groom must have a throne and sanding ceremony that they dream of. There are those who like the traditional concept, there are those who like the elegant and modern concept and many other unique concepts. Usually many will follow the theme according to their race and customs.

However, something else happened to the Indian couple when a video of their sanding ceremony caught attention.


In addition, choose songket cloth that is in accordance with Malay customs

The video shows an Indian couple getting ready to line up for their sanding ceremony.

What attracted more attention was when they were seen wearing songket shirts. Their thrones are also seen according to Malay custom. It is believed that they want uniqueness and make a difference.

Their traditional Malay ceremony was also inspired by the many friends of the groom who are police officers. His father was also a soldier, so they had many Malay friends and wanted to hold a traditional Malay ceremony.

“We always see Bollywood-themed Malays wearing Sari Kurtas at night. But this time wow, the first time I saw Indians wearing songket” – Warganet.

Following the release of the video which has now been viewed up to 987 thousand times, 54 thousand likes and 1.5 thousand comments on TikTok, the average netizen was also impressed and excited by the couple’s show.

Below are some of the interesting comments from netizens on TikTok:





Wow, that’s really unique. Sleek and beautiful. Congratulations for the newlyweds. – Sources & videos taken from SAYS, TikTok

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