Video of Pink Hair Woman Hitting Boy with Broom Viral, Makes Netizens Angry!

A viral video on social media shows a child being molested by a woman. Oh my God, what kind of behavior is this?

According to a video uploaded by Aqil on Tiktok, the woman appears to have beaten a girl with a hanger and a broom.

Aqil, who is also the person who recorded the video, said it was evidence to make a police report.

I recorded the video myself for evidence in the police report. Thank God the police cooperated well with Alia.

I’ll explain further once everything calms down as I’m now near the station and still under investigation.

Aqil also hopes that we all fight together for Alia. Surely many people are angry with the woman’s actions, right? Really rude!

Credit: @theaqil7

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