[VIDEO] Longing Fever Because I Remember Arw4h, Seb4k Netizen Hamzah Kisses Abam’s Frame, Doesn’t Stop Calling ‘Dad’ – Media Comedy

It has been almost two years since the passing of an artist named Syed Umar Mokhtar Syed Mohd Redzuan or better known as Abam Bocey which is felt by all members of society, especially the son and wife of arw4h.

Son r1ndu arw4h Abam

But recently, the wife of allahy4rh4am Abam Bocey, Siti Nurhidayah Mohd Ali shared a video that was quite touching and invited seb4k people. Through the video, it shows the spontaneous action of arw4h’s son, Syed Uthman Hamzah Al-Juffrey, holding a frame picture.

However, the situation began to change seb4k after finding out that the picture he was holding was apparently the face of allahy4rh4am Abam. It is even more touching to see this little boy once in a while kissing a picture of his beloved father. Hamzah also often called ‘Ayah’ (a title for Abam) every time he saw the picture.

Hamzah’s memories love father. When Hamzah dem4m longed for his father, he kept taking pictures of his father. Hamzah loves you, always pray for you. Al-fatihah my dear husband Syed Umar Mokhtar.


@hidayah_hamzah Memories of Hamzah syg Ayah ❤️ When hamzah has a fever, he misses Kat Ayah so he takes pictures of Ayah .. Hamzah loves Ayah always prays for Ayah ❤️ Al-fatihah my dear husband Syed Umar Mokhtar 🤲#foryou #fyp#kenanganhamzah#anakibuayah#al_fatihahsuamiku ♬ Ayah- Laoneis

The shared video has garnered nearly 260k views. Stepping into the comments section, most netizens also expressed a sense of seb4k after seeing the partnership. They also had time to pray for Hidayah to be given strength and perseverance in raising her son, Hamzah.

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