[Video] “Kasih seorang Ayah” – We are the ones who see the ustaz’s service to the believers – Media Comedy

There is no denying that a father’s love is priceless because a father never expresses his sacrifice to his children and also his love for them. That is why a father is often misunderstood as fierce and unfriendly.

Even so, a father still loves his children and tries his best to ensure that all children are the best in their lives even though they are rarely together and spend time doing activities with their children.

Just like Ustaz Azhar Idrus (UAI) a famous speaker in malaysia who also has a very loving special child who is affectionately called Mukmin, although a special child but UAI is very loving and the latest is a contagion when UAI is feeding food lovingly to mukmin.

The video footage saw UAI spending time eating at a restaurant accompanied by his family and also saw UAI serving his special child while feeding him food.



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Stepping into the comments section, many netizens asked who the special child was because UAI rarely introduces his family to the public.

Netizen Comments:

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