[VIDEO] I can not stand! Woman Lying on Cafe Floor, Customer Almost Slips on Dirt

Recently, closed-circuit camera (CCTV) footage of a cafe captured the disgusting moment, where a piece of what is believed to be dirt can be seen falling to the floor from a woman’s dress.

Video shared on TikTok Oppglobalmemes shows a woman entering a cafe in a hurry and heading to the back of the place. It was even more shocking to see a piece fall from the skirt the woman was wearing when she walked into the cafe. It turned out that the lump was believed to be the woman’s feces.

Not long after, a male customer in red entered the scene and almost slipped from stepping on the dirt on the floor. The person who uploaded the video said ‘Oh, that’s poop, that guy just stepped on his poop’.

Citing the Daily Star report, the video is believed to have been recorded in 2015, but only went viral after being uploaded on TikTok. Entering the comments column, the average netizen admits to being disgusted and amused at this time. Some of them wondered how the woman had not noticed that dirt had fallen from her clothes. In fact, they thought maybe the woman couldn’t stand her bowels and so she rushed to the cafe.

Source: Daily Star, TikTok Oppglobalmemes

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