Video Dance of Bank Sultra Employees Viral on Social Media

Droppbuy.comVideo Dance of Bank Sultra Employees Viral on Social Media. Recently, a video of a sexy dance that was allegedly carried out by a bank employee went viral. The video went viral on Tiktok to the point of reaping various netizen comments +62.

From the video, which lasts 19 seconds, it shows a female bank employee dancing on Tiktok wearing only a pink bra.

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The video also shows a woman with blonde hair dancing to the music. The video went viral after it was uploaded by the Tiktok account owner @ocaamari ***.

The woman in the TikTok video, named Rosalia Akmareta (22), is currently working at one of the Baubau red plate bank branches.

From the information circulating, the video is a video that he has made for a long time which was then uploaded by the bank employee.

For the viral Tiktok video, Rosalia Akmareta, who also works as a celebrity, spoke up.

Rosalia Akmareta denied that the 19-second viral video dancing on Tiktok was associated with her work, even though it was mentioned when she was already a red plate bank employee.

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“The matter of highlighting the work does not make sense at all,” said Ra.

“Because there are no bank attributes and office clothes,” explained RA.

The circulation of a viral video on Tiktok of bank employees in Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi Province dancing in sexy clothes, received various responses.

Rosmalia Akmareta Often Uploads Sexy Photos

Having an ideal body and a beautiful face, Rosalia is also known as a celebrity with 64.1 million followers.

So don’t be surprised if a girl born in Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi often captures various sexy portraits on her Instagram account.

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Rosalia Akmaret also included a moment of herself showing off her smooth back. He was seen wearing a black tank top which exposed his back.

Then there was Rosalia’s appearance, which also stole the attention, her pose was seen raising her right hand with her shirt slightly open on her chest.


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