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There is a saying that a woman cannot be separated from food, and it does not matter if she is a baby or an infant, but when she sees the food, her smile should reach her ears.

It turns out that when looking at food, a woman will be happy all day, and if she is angry, she will calm down when she sees food. But there are also those who can’t wait to see food until they nibble on anything considered food.

A video recording has been uploaded to the Instagram Reel app page. The video shows a very young girl who can’t wait to see fried chicken to chew on the bottom layer of paper.

The video has been viewed by many netizens due to the cute baby allure that makes anyone get excited when they see Gel0joh’s attempt and can’t wait to eat the fried chicken.

Going to the comments section, many netizens left nice comments when they saw the “healthy” baby and many were angry when they saw his “sad” hands.

netizen comments:

Source: https://www.instagram.com/tontonmy/

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