(Video) A man loses his ATM card; Thief uses it to flaunt skin care

Modern technological advances have advantages, but they also come with unexpected downsides. Recently, a man lost his bank card from an ATM. He revealed through a TikTok video that he received transaction messages last Sunday (July 10), and only then did he realize that he had lost his ATM card.

Unfortunately for him, the person who found his ATM card had used all his money through payWave, or contactless payment. The victim, known as @manstylo79 on TikTok, revealed screenshots of transactions made by an unknown person at a wellness and beauty outlet in Puchong.


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@manstylo79 also revealed that he filed a police report on the same day he received the transaction letters. Netizens turned to the comments section to provide support. However, some netizens have blindly criticized the victim regarding the incident.


netizens wrote,If you know your bank card is missing, you can just contact the bank immediately to block your card”Why didn’t you contact the bank first to block the ATM card?“,”I’m curious, can’t you contact the bank first to cancel or block the card?“, And the “How did the person know the secret number of the bank card?“.

The victim explained in the comments section that he contacted the bank after learning about the transaction, which unfortunately was too late for him. He filed a police report and went to the health and beauty outlet afterwards to check the surveillance camera, but it was broken on the day of the accident.


It is not known if the issue has been completely resolved, but @manstylo79 thanked the bank for its cooperation in a later TikTok video. Let this be part of the learning process for us to refer to in the future, and justice can be done fairly.

Source: radish, TikTok.

Anis Sharina contributed to this article.

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