Very Easy! Here’s How to Pay Shopee Paylater Early

SANEPO.COM – Do you know how to pay Shopee paylater early? It turns out that there is a separate way, so we don’t have to wait for a bill notification.

Shopee PayLater pay later is used a lot. How not, this feature is very helpful and makes it easier for users who don’t have money to buy goods.

So is it possible to pay SPayLater at once before the due date? How to pay it? Let’s look at the following Sanepo reviews.

Can I Pay Shopee Paylater Before Due?

Shopee Paylater payments are indeed a problem for every user. How not, users who can’t wait to pay off Paylater.

Based on Sanepo’s experience, we can pay Paylater early before the due date. When does the Shopee Paylater bill appear?

Generally, Paylater bills will appear on the 25th. On that date Shopee reminds us that we still have Paylater debts or arrears.

When do you pay Shopee PayLater, buy now, pay later? Now for the payment itself, that is on the 5th. So for example the bill for the month of May, then the maximum must be paid on June 5th.

Don’t worry about forgetting, because every 25th and before the due date, Shopee will send a notification or reminder for you to pay Paylater.

But for those of you who have more sustenance and want to pay Paylater early, you can pay it right away. For more details, see the following Sanepo’s presentation.

How to Pay Shopee Paylater Earlier

To pay Shopee Paylater early or before the due date is very easy. You only need to press one of the menus in Paylater. For more details, you can refer to the following tutorial.

how to pay shopee paylater early turns out to be very easy
  • First, please enter your Shopee application.
  • Next, you can enter the profile section by pressing the profile icon in the lower right corner.
  • In that section, you can click SpayLater.
  • Later you will be taken to a page from Shopee Paylater. You will find menus such as the total credit limit, the number of bills to be paid, my bill, to the last transaction.
  • How to pay off Shopee Paylater at once by pressing menu amount to be paid.
  • You will find all bills from Shopee Paylater.
how to pay shopee paylater in advance
Here’s how to pay shopee paylater in advance
  • To be able to pay off all these bills before they are due, you just need to check all the bills.
  • Then clkk pay now.
  • That way, you will be directed to the payment menu. You can pay by bank transfer, Alfamart, Indomaret, or even pay with ShopeePay.
  • The way to pay Shopee PayLater with ShopeePay is by selecting the ShopeePay payment method.
  • Please fill in the payment amount, lastly confirm the payment.
  • Then all the Shopee Paylater bills have been successfully paid before they are due.

Maybe you’ve ever wondered, what happens if you don’t pay Shopee Paylater? Based on Sanepo’s investigation, people who do not pay off Paylater bills will be subject to fines.

So every delay will be subject to a fine and the fine can be mountain if you don’t pay it off. Even you will be visited by debt collectors if you are reluctant to pay off Paylater.


So now you know how to pay Shopee Paylater before maturity, right? You also already know the time for the Shopee Paylater payment along with the notification from Shopee.

Hopefully, this method of paying Shopee Paylater earlier that I share can be useful and add insight. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends ok.

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