Valentine’s Event Mobile Legends 2021 Get Permanent Skin

Event Valentine Mobile Legends 2021 – Are you a fan of the Mobile Legends game? if so, then you need to know the information that I will convey in this review, because I have information about the Valentine ml 2021 event which at this event you will get lots of super interesting prizes.

Indeed, in recent years Mobile Legends game developers have tried very hard to maintain the quality of their games by providing the best service to their loyal players, of course, this way the ml game will continue to be liked and not abandoned.

Because as you know that there are quite a lot of multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre games that you can play on your smartphone nowadays, so the competition between MOBA games is also getting tougher, making developers have to work hard so that their games are not abandoned.

But talking about the quality of mobile legends games, you certainly don’t need to doubt anymore, because it can be said that Mobile Legends is a pioneer of mobile moba games that have never been empty of fans until now.

Event Valentine Mobile Legends 2021

And of course this ML game releases a lot of events every year, and almost every month new events appear that you can participate in. Then for the latest event that is currently available, the Valentine ml 2021 event.

This event is held to commemorate Valentine’s Day which will be commemorated on February 14 every year, of course in this event you will get many missions and very interesting item prizes.

Want to know what prizes you can get from the latest Mobile Legends event in February 2021, here are more details.

Valentine’s ML 2021 Event Prize

Of course, the main prize for this Valentine mlbb 2021 event is very luxurious and very much, so you can collect it as a collection, and here is the list of prizes:

  • Skin Epic (Permanent): Harley Great Inventor
  • Skin Epic (Permanent): Lesley Stellaris Ghost
  • Skin Epic (Permanent): Alucard Child of The Fall
  • Skin Trial (3 Hari): Alucard Child of The Fall
  • Skin Special (Permanent): Esmeralda Lady Thief
  • Random Trial Skin (1 Day)
  • Hero Trial (1 Day)
  • Fortune Meteorite

How to Join the 2021 Mobile Legends Valentine Event

Now if you already know the list of prizes that you can get from this event, then now you follow the event and get the prizes.

So how do you participate in this event?, you need to know that to take part in this event you have to go through the valentine card flip web event, for more details, you can follow the tutorial below.

  1. Your first step is to open the Browser application on your device then access
  2. Next, please click the Log-in button
  3. Now you login to your mobile legends account with FB or email
  4. After that you will get a short tutorial on how to follow this event
  5. Next, open some of the cards in the event and make sure the card you choose has the same image
  6. If you choose a card with the same picture then you will get points and win the game.

How do you now know how to take part in the Valentine ml 2021 event that I mentioned above, which is definitely very easy to do.

And please follow the event and collect the points so you can get the items you want such as free skins.


That’s the Valentine ml 2021 event. What I can say is that I hope this review can be useful for all of you, and congratulations on joining the event..

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