Ustaz Dusuki Reprimands Influencers Who Wear Hijab Likes To Dance-‘Don’t Get Shaken’

Yesterday, the name of social media celebrity, Sabrina Azhar was hotly talked about on social media after her talent in the field of dance despite being a hijab was reported on the BBC World Service page.

The issue of Malaysian students in South Korea has caught the attention of many social media users, including religious speaker, Ustaz Dusuki, who appeared to reprimand Sabrina on the TikTok website.

Through the video of the interview, Sabrina, 22, remained steadfast and felt that what she was doing at the moment was not a problem. He said, even though he is a hijabis, it is not wrong for him to dance and make a ‘dance cover’ because the world is more advanced.

The statement clearly invited the anger of many netizens.

Due to the criticism about him being contagious, many came forward to give their responses and opinions, including a religious expert, Ustaz Dusuki. Through Ustaz Shariff Al-Azhari’s sharing on the TikTok website, he and Ustaz Dusuki who also appeared in the video gave a rather ‘spicy’ rebuke.

In the partnership, Ustaz Dusuki said, it is not wrong for a person to dance according to the type of dance they are interested in but do not go so far as to invite misunderstanding.

You can dance, but don’t get upset in front of people.

If we want to dance in front of our husbands… or people who are illegal for us to marry, that is not wrong.

But don’t let our level show our body, until our level looks like it’s not allowed.

He added that it is not wrong for a person to dance if the thing is done in a closed place, and the dancing is not displayed for public viewing.

The 59 -second video has received a positive response from netizens who think that the things they are angry about have been clearly argued by the ustaz.


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