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Updated Kredivo Fines, 2022

Kredivo’s fine is calculated based on the total delay each month with a percentage of 2.56% based on your bill. As a company that provides instant credit services, of course, this platform imposes a fine on every customer who is late in paying loan bills.

Kredivo . Online Fund Loan System

Kredivo provides easy loans with installments that have a tenor of 1 to 12 months. This platform has quite a number of users. This is because Kredivo is connected to several direct online market planes such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak as a means of payment.

Of course, this makes it easy for many users to shop online with the buy now, pay later system.

If you don’t want to be subject to a Kredivo fine, as a customer who borrows funds, of course, we are obliged to pay off the bill on time.

Sometimes economic conditions can force some users to violate credit agreements by late paying Kredivo bills for months or in a matter of days. This of course will subject you to a Kredivo fine. Therefore, you must pay attention to when the due date is after making a transaction using it.

Until now Kredivo itself does not provide tolerance such as time with repayment because the payment rules have followed the due date.

Credit Due Date

Kredivo’s due date is 30 days since the transaction has been successful, you can see detailed information in the application. For example, if you use the Kredivo limit on the 15th, the latest possible payment will fall on the 13th, 14th or later for 30 days right from the transaction.

Because there is no grace period for repayment, if after entering 00.00 the next day is due you can be subject to a Kredivo fine. You can check on the platform application in the transaction menu to make it easier to find out when the last date of installment payments is.

Kredivo fine

If you are late paying Kredivo, you will immediately be subject to a fine of 2.95% of the nominal installment. If you are late paying the bill up to 30 days then you have to pay a fine of 6% of the total bill plus 40% late interest. Of course, the calculation of the fine makes your bill nominal quite high.

Then how much is Kredivo’s fine if you are 3 days late? The answer is that a fine will be received of 2.95% of the total bill, then after entering the 30th day the percentage of the fine will change to 6% and an interest of 4% will be added.

Of course, you need to be careful when you are late paying loan bills because the interest calculation increases every 30 days.

Late for 1 – 29 will be subject to a fine of 2.95% of the nominal installments. Meanwhile, being late for 30 days will be subject to a fine of 6% of the nominal installment and an additional 4% fee.

Credit Service Fee

In addition to the Kredivo fine, there is also a service fee that has been applied at the beginning of the loan. Each includes a service fee based on the installment tenor starting from 1,3,6 and also 12 months. The percentage will be calculated based on the total transactions you have made so you must pay attention to it.

  • Tenor for 30 days will be charged a service fee of the total transaction of 1% and a minimum of 1000.
  • Tenor of 3 months will be reminded of the service fee of the total transaction of 3%.
  • And for a tenor of 6 and 12 months, a service fee of 2.6% will be charged from the total transaction.

Calculation of Credit Fines

All your bills or fines will appear in the Kredivo application in detail along with the day of delay. Users can see all fees including services, interest or the percentage of the penalty. However, if you are curious about the calculation, you can see the example below.

For example, you have a total installment of Rp. 1,000,000.00 with a tenor of 3 months. You can first search for the service fee and then you can calculate based on the day of delay. As per Kredivo’s rules, you will get interest if you do not pay bills for more than 30 days.

  • Installment = Rp. 1,000,000.00
  • Tenor = 3 months
  • Service fee = Rp. 1,000,000 x 3% = IDR 30,000.
  • Installment per month = Rp. 1.000.000 : 3 + Rp. 30,000 = Rp.364,000.
  • Late Kredivo fine for 1-29 days = 2.95% x Rp. 364,000. = Rp. 10,738.
  • Kredivo fine for 30 days late = 6% x Rp. 364,000 + 4% x Rp. 364,000 = Rp. 21,840 + Rp. 14,560 = Rp. 36,400.

If the credit fine for being late for 2 days is still calculated at 2.95%, but when it reaches the 30th day it will change to 6%, not to mention the late administration fee. Basically, this kredivo world system is calculated every 30 days so you must pay attention to it.

Tips for Smoothly Paying Kredivo Bills

Of course you also have to have tips so you don’t get late in making payments which can later be fatal.
Below we will explain about tips so that you can smoothly pay installments and will not be subject to fines. The steps are as follows.

1. Pay Bills Before Due

You have to remember when to pay the installments and when the payment is due. If you need you can also make an alarm on your Smartphone so that someone reminds you.

Try to pay the installments well before the due date for your own safety and comfort. You need to remember again that when you make a delay in payment, your credit history will automatically be recorded as bad, of course this can have an effect in the future.

Because if you pay bad credit to do anything offline, it will be difficult, so be a user who obeys the rules.

2. When you get paid, leave funds to pay bills

For these tips, it is highly recommended that you organize your finances in an orderly manner. When you get paid or you already have money, then you can leave some money in installments.

Even though the payment date has not yet been entered, here you already have money or you have prepared money to make payments.

Usually people delay paying the bill because there is no preparation of money in advance. If that happens, your credit will become bad and a fine will be imposed.

3. Choose the Tenor of Installment in accordance with Financial Ability

As you know, this kredivo loan application has a tenor period starting from 3.6 and also 12 months with an interest of 2.95% every month. Well, there you can choose the tenor according to your financial capabilities.

If you choose a short tenor, of course it only takes a little time, but the amount of installments you will pay can be fairly large.

And vice versa if you choose a large tenor, it will take a long time while the amount of installments is relatively small. You only need to choose a tenor according to your financial capabilities. You also have to remember that it should not be forced, yes later it will bring harm to yourself.

4. Be Wise in Using Credit Limits

Although using the Kredivo application is quite easy, you also have to be wise in using it. Never try to live extravagantly by spending money for free.

You can manage finances well and regularly. Use the money not to exceed the amount of income. This is of course important to note because if you often use this credit with a smaller income than automatic expenses you can feel a loss.

When you are late in paying the bill, you will be charged a Kredivo fine. Of course, the fee is charged per day. Therefore, pay your bills on time so that the nominal bill does not continue to be added to fines every day. The increasing number of fines will make it difficult for you to return them in large quantities.

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