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Understanding Web Server, Functions, Examples and How It Works

You may often access information from websites, but do you know the process behind it? One element that plays an important role behind the ease of accessing a website is a web server. The web server is software to receive HTTP/HTTPS requests from clients or web browsers which then sends a response to the request to client in the form of a web page.

For those of you who want to build website itself, there are several stages that must be done to get websitee as you wish, like design net until web hosting. web server is also an equally important element. Let’s look at the meaning of the following web server functions!

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Understanding Web Servers

web server is software (software) in server which serves as a medium for receiving requests (ask) is a page net in the HTTP or HTTPS protocol of a client, which in this context is browserfor example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and so on.

Browser will request page net to serverthen software it will respond to the result of the request browser in page form net which are generally in the form of HTML, one example is the Dewaweb article page that you are currently accessing.

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Web Server Functions

Here are some of the main functions of a web server that you need to know:

Transferring the data requested by the user

If you want to dissect it further, the main function of the web server is to transfer the files requested by the user. Usually, a page net consists of various kinds of information in various forms, such as text, video, images, audio, or documents. These files will later be sent to browseraccording to your request.

In direct practice, web server will respond to requests that you write in address bar and the information you requested earlier will be displayed to browser-your. If your request can’t be searched, then web server will send back in the form of rejection by providing information commonly known as ‘404’, meaning that the keyword you are looking for cannot be found.

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So, for those of you who own or just manage website, software This is very necessary in order website-mu is accessible. Therefore, you must ensure speed as well as safety web server used.

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Clear cache

Another function of the web server is to clean the cache in storage and documents that are no longer used on the website. Clearing the cache can affect the speed at which websites load web pages. The reason is, the web server has a web cache system

The more web cache, the more it takes up storage space. This is where the web server functions to sort out which caches are unused and can be deleted. That way the performance of the website can be better.

Checking the security of HTTP requests

In addition, the web server functions to check the security system of HTTP requests requested by clients or web browsers. The web server uses HTTP/HTTPS as an intermediary to connect the website to the web server. The data transfer process carried out is private and cannot be accessed arbitrarily by the public.

How Web Servers Work

There are at least seven stages of how a web server works, from searching to web pages being displayed. Here’s the explanation:

  1. User enters request via browser
  2. The browser gets the IP address of the domain and looks it up on the DNS server
  3. The browser requests the required data via HTTP/HTTPS
  4. The web server looks for the data requested by the browser in the hosting
  5. The browser then connects to the web server and sends the requested web file request via HTTP
  6. The web server receives the request and responds to it by sending the requested web file via the HTTP protocol. However, if the data is not found, the web server will send an error page
  7. The browser displays information to the user

how web servers work

Web Server Example

Quality can affect visitor performance and comfort website. There are some web server which has been proven to be of quality and you can rely on for use in website-you, such as:


Apache is web server most popular most widely used. This server provides some support for continuity website-mu, such as PHP, SSL, as well as access control. There are several advantages of Apache, such as an easier setup system and a wide user community so you can easily find fellow Apache users for free.

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IIS (Internet Information Service)

Internet Information Service (IIS) is an HTTP service used in Windows operating systems. Software it is supported by several components, such as the DNS protocol, TCP/IP, and several software which can be used to make net. In addition, IIS is also supported by other protocols such as FTP, HTTP, NNTP, SMTP and SSL.

Given the large number of Windows users, IIS is much easier to use and access. Another plus, IIS is also fully supported by Windows. In addition, there are also features that can check errors and use PHP which is much more stable. Unfortunately, you have to pay to use IIS.


Nginx (read ‘machine x’) is software with system open source and of course free. Compared to the equally free Apache, Nginx is more capable of handling web server with traffic tall. Another advantage is that Nginx is lighter, has many features, and is stable, and has high performance.

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A web server is an important element on a website that functions to accept HTTP/HTTPS requests from clients or web browsers. Without web serveralong with the device, browserand the internet, you will not be able to access a page on the internet, including website. On the other hand, if you own or manage websiteYou also need to pay attention to quality website-in.

Because, web server supported by the type of device, browserand adequate internet speed may not be able to provide the best experience for visitors if website-mu doesn’t meet sufficient standards.

Therefore, make sure website-mu is fast and secure so you can always rely on it. One way is to use cloud host cheap and quality from Dewaweb. Hope this article helps, good luck online!


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