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Understanding the Characteristics of Intrapreneurs and the Differences with Entrepreneurs

In realizing existing business plans and strategies, certain company employees or stakeholders are required to have optimal work attitudes and performance (employee activation). The goal is to manage business process management that develops sustainably and creates profitable business competitiveness. Not infrequently companies also implement employee retention strategies, one of which is intrapreneurs.

This term has been discussed by a number of entrepreneurs in recent times. Because its existence plays an important role in the management of business resources or assets (resource management). As well as being an area of ​​ability that companies really need to complete business projects (project management) while realizing the potential or actual business performance (gap analysis).

Thanks to their collaboration with certain business sponsors (partnerships), all intrapreneurs activities generally will only trigger smaller business risks than what entrepreneurs usually do. That way, companies can develop various product strategies (product development), form new business models, and even find more productive ways of working (business mapping).

So, what exactly is meant by intrapreneurs? What makes it different from other forms of employee work?

What is an Intrapreneur?

According to the Feedough website, iintrapreneur is a person or group of employees with certain entrepreneurial skills who have the task and authority to develop innovative business ideas, products or projects to increase business growth.

The term intrapreneurs was coined by Gifford Pinchot III and Elizabeth S. Pinchot in 1978 by combining the words “internal” and “entrepreneur”. However, keep in mind that intrapreneurs are not a title or even a position within a company, but a mindset. Where intrapreneurs are given autonomy to work on business projects that may have a major impact on the company’s business development.

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It is hoped that intrapreneurs can analyze and understand business trends to plan for the company’s future (business continuity plan). Where they will synthesize their findings or insights by creating a business case or pitch deck to keep highlighting their competitive advantage in front of competitors.

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Generally, employees who act as intrapreneurs will have access to the best company resources and capabilities. The goal is to develop the skills needed to recognize and make decisions to solve critical business problems.

That’s why often the goal of an intrapreneur is to study policies, technologies, applications, systems, and processes to identify brand audits. And if the implementation is successful, it is very possible for intrapreneurs to become entrepreneurs and develop businesses to get as much profit as possible.

Difference between Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur

Since the concept of intrapreneurs is related to entrepreneurs, many business people find it difficult to distinguish between the two. Because, basically, the way they work, skills, and work spirit are both quite similar, but they still look different.

Usually an intrapreneur is an individual who has high motivation, special skills, ability in leadership, and a broad and innovative vision for the advancement of the company’s business (corporate communication). While an entrepreneur plans the development of the company from the bottom up business life cycle.

In addition, an entrepreneur has complete freedom in making decisions that are used to build a company and its products from scratch. While intrapreneurs experience less freedom but they have a broader vision in decision making. Because intrapreneurs have the right to create new products for existing brands and can take advantage of existing brand equity and brand positioning.

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Characteristics of Intrapreneurs

Characteristics of Intrapreneurs

Intrapreneurs are often the company’s chief executives from time to time. They will advance business and rise to the top with a deep understanding of business from all levels.

So, it’s no wonder that intrapreneurs will reflect almost all the characteristics of today’s most successful entrepreneurs. The characteristics of these intrapreneurs are:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit where employees will take ownership in their roles as if it were their own business. In addition, intrapreneurs will also proactively look for ways to add business value.
  • An intrapreneur is business leader who carries the weight of the new product on his shoulders while guiding and leading his team in their pursuit of success. They identify and nurture talent in such a way that the business and corporate team can meet their goals simultaneously.
  • Have a strong way of communicating. Intrapreneurs are able to meet people wherever they are and communicate effectively in all situations. Be it with clients, investors, business partners or partnerships, and others.
  • Progressive work. In other words, intrapreneurs are able to set business goals, always learn from every experience in life, read books, or even go to seminars.
  • Dare to be involved with all efforts to develop the company (employee engagement) and always be enthusiastic and express themselves through certain hobbies or activities.
  • Capable work synergistically where intrapreneurs have a powerful way of bringing teams together, and making each individual more valuable in the company culture.
  • Intrapreneurs have creative problem solving skills (root cause analysis), because generally the effort to run an effective and sustainable business requires a unique perspective.


That’s a brief explanation of intrapreneurs that business people need to know. At first, trying to demonstrate an intrapreneurial mindset is not easy. Because developing a work ethic on par with today’s greatest entrepreneurs requires a lot of effort, even though anyone can actually do it.

And often intrapreneurs are those who are always looking for innovation, not only when developing new products. But also when planning and executing marketing strategies, promotions, and other business strategies needed to successfully market their products (product marketing) or business services (services marketing) in the best market segments.

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