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Understanding Literature – Types and Functions Completely

Definition of Literature – Literature has meaning in beautiful or well-organized language, and the style of presentation is so attractive that it impresses the reader.

Various characteristics in originality, content, excellence, craftsmanship, expression and beauty. Literary works are essays and the virtue of writing beautiful and aesthetic language.

In this discussion, we will explain about the definition of literature, its types, functions and elements. For a full review, come on… Read on as follows.

What is Literature?

Definition of Literature is a loan word from Sanskrit āstra, which means a text that contains instructions or a guide, from a root word namely ās-, which means teaching or instruction.

Literary texts are not just texts that contain instructions for teaching, but in Indonesian the word is usually used to refer to “literature” or a type of writing that has a meaning or beauty.

Note also the use of literary and literary terms. Literary segmentation refers to definitions rather than texts. Literature is more focused on literature that has a thick poetic or abstract nuance.

The term writer is an example that can be interpreted as a person who works in literature and not in literature. Because writers are people who like poetic and abstract nuances, not just text.

In addition, literature in the literary sense can be divided into oral literature or written literature. Here, literature has little to do with writing, but with the language in which certain experiences or thoughts are expressed. Usually, literature is divided by a linguistic or geographic area.

Types of Literature

There are several types in literature, among them are the following:

1. Prose

Prose is a form of literary art that is described through the use of language that is free and not bound by rhythm, rhyme, diction, solidity or other literary rules and guidelines.

The form of prose itself has two types, namely novel and romantic. Romance is included in a story that tells the character as a whole from birth to the end of his life, while the novel only tells a part of the character’s life that changes his destiny.

2. Poetry

Poetry is a type of literary work that can be described with a choice of diction or words and has been characterized by a dense but beautiful discussion. Usually, poetry can encourage a person’s tendency to increase in awareness through language that has a special rhythm and meaning.

3. Drama

Drama is a form in literature that is explained in free and long language and is presented in dialogue or monologue. Drama has two meanings, namely drama in the form of a drama or script that has been staged.

There are several types in drama, including the following:

  • Comedy, is a story that contains humor and jokes that can entertain the audience.
  • Opera or Musical, is a drama accompanied by music to complement the art performance.
  • Tragedy Comedy, is a story that alternates between difficulty and humor or humor.
  • Tragedy, is a story that has contained difficulties or hardships for the characters.

Literary Function

The function of literature itself varies greatly depending on the class. The following are some of the functions of literature in human life that can be felt and understood, including the following:

a. reactive

The fact that literature has a reactive function means that it can entertain audiences and readers. Just like in a sketch that can entertain the audience. While the drama itself has been made or classified as a kind of literary work.

b. You are

Literature is a very beautiful writing. So it can be said that literature has an aesthetic value that can be enjoyed by lovers and readers.

c. Activated

Where in a literature is educational. So that literature itself can convey information, insight and knowledge. Because in a literary work there are various elements and values ​​that we can choose for everyday use.

In literature, it has meaning in beautiful or well-organized language, and the style of presentation is so attractive, in originality, content, excellence, craftsmanship, expression, and beauty.

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Thus the discussion that we have conveyed is complete and clear, namely regarding the Definition of Literature, its types and functions. Hopefully this review, can be useful and beneficial for all of you.


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