Understanding How to Buy Sharia Stocks and the Law Correctly

Hi-codding.net – Sharia-based financial products and services are growing day by day. In the past, only banks used sharia principles in their processing, but now sharia has entered the capital market. With the existence of Islamic stocks, it can definitely be an option for those who want to invest or are afraid of usury on conventional stocks.

How to invest using Islamic assets can be said to be the same as assets in general, but the difference lies in the criteria. This asset itself comes from companies that only sell halal products as merchandise. For those of you who want to know about sharia shares, here I will discuss and how to buy them.

What Are Sharia Stocks

Before we discuss further about Islamic stocks, it’s a good idea to first understand what Islamic stocks are. Visually, these stocks can be interpreted as stocks that are very contrary to the principles of the capital market. This investment uses a system called syirkah, where capital is focused on opportunities and shared responsibilities by both parties.

Stock investment is carried out in such a way that upholds sharia principles. Very different from stocks in general, which often do not have special restrictions so that they have the potential for usury in each transaction. Because usury itself is not allowed in Islam, this is the difference between Islamic and conventional stocks.

What are the Criteria for Sharia Stocks

For shares that can be classified as sharia shares, of course they will have special criteria that must be met. This criterion itself has been regulated by the Financial Services Authority or commonly called OJK in regulation number 35/POJK.04/2017. The following are criteria that must be met to make it fit.

1. Trading that is not against Sharia Principles

A stock that has sharia elements. Everything that comes from the company is as far away from usury as possible. As for businesses that are not in accordance with sharia principles, such as gambling, selling illicit goods, and transactions involving bribes.

2. Must meet the provisions of special financial ratios

An asset can be called a sharia share if it meets the provisions of the financial ratios that have been set. The financial ratio includes the amount of debt interest that is less than or equal to 45% of total assets. With interest income and non-halal income less than or equal to 10% of total income.

How to Buy Sharia Shares

For beginners in the world of conventional and Islamic stock investment, of course they are still confused where to start. You don’t need to worry, investing is fairly easy to follow. You can follow these steps to buy the shares.

1. Choose Sharia Stock Trading Using the Online Trading System (SOTS)

The first step you have to take is to choose a company that uses the Sharia Online Trading System. Companies that use SOTS indicate that the company has complied with sharia principles in the capital market. That way, the shares in the company are guaranteed in accordance with Islamic law.

SOTS itself has several features, it can only transact using sharia shares. Transactions are carried out in a steady way to go to margin transactions, cannot sell shares that are not owned, and there is a separate report between share ownership and money ownership.

2. Opening a Sharia Securities Account

One of the most important steps is not to forget to open a sharia securities account. To open an account, you need to fill out the form provided by the securities company. You can attach important files such as ID cards, the front page of the passbook, and NPWP. This step is the same as when opening a conventional securities account

3. Make sure you are registered as an investor

If you have opened a sharia account, first make sure it is confirmed as an investor. Evidence that you have been confirmed is to obtain a securities account number, sharia customer fund account number, username, password, trading pin, and SOTS application.

4. Fill in the Initial Capital

After being confirmed as an investor, it’s time for you to fill in the initial capital which will later be used as initial investment funds. Regarding how much the initial fund can be adjusted to the deposit that has been determined by the sharia securities company you choose.

That’s a brief discussion about Islamic stocks and how to buy them, which you can use as investment assets. Sharia shares are a suitable choice for those of you who want to invest, but so far there have been problems with the law of usury in conventional stocks.

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