Ume Cikin & Ryan Bakery are role models, gaining popularity without having to sell their dignity


Lately many young people dream of becoming a social media influencer so they are willing to upload outrageous and outrageous content in pursuit of popularity.

However, not all influencers produce negative entertainment content. On the other hand, it is appropriate to be an example to many for successfully creating names such as Ryan Bakery and Ume Cikin.

It’s like having to face before femes

Through the sharing of a Twitter user known as @ShahAziddin revealed that one of the most popular influencers, Ryan Bakery, was fired from the aviation cargo field during the pandemic.

After being dismissed from his job, the 28-year-old had to return to his hometown in Perak and just do normal work before uploading simple content.

Not only that, the appearance of wearing a t-shirt, sports pants, the face is filled with loose powder where it really brings back memories of school and childhood.

You don’t need to be shy and expose your private parts on social media, you can be successful

In addition, many praised the female influencer named Ume Cikin with her casual chatter while making videos of activities such as cooking, together with her siblings with fast and touching conversations.

What’s interesting is that Ume doesn’t have to sell her dignity to gain popularity like most girls out there these days.

It is understood that Ume also has a background in engineering but is unable to work in that field. But, persevere in learning something new to be a person content creator knowledge by participating in a class to market his food product, namely Salted Fish Pickles.

Look at the movie Mat Kilau, you don’t need to reveal your private parts to be successful

In fact, a Facebook user known as Syahr Musafir also made the currently popular epic film Mat Kilau: The Rise of a Hero as a benchmark for the film industry to be successful without revealing the private parts of female actors to the audience.

“They don’t need to be tickled, wear sexy clothes, make jokes with double meanings, hold men and women, have a strange scene, it’s all unnecessary. But you can still get millions of viewers.” he wrote.

The average netizen agrees with Syahr Musafir’s sharing by saying that they don’t need to sell their dignity just to be famous.

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