Ukrainian fugitives rob people’s husbands

LONDON: It’s like letting go of a stray dog, he’s already bitten. That’s an appropriate proverb for a fugitive from Ukraine which ruined the couple’s household after being rescued.

The father of two, Tony Garnett, 29, admitted to falling in love with Sofiia Karkadym, 22, and was willing to part with his wife, Lorna, 28, despite having been married for the past 10 years.

The couple took Sofiia to live with them in the same house since early May.

They also took on Sofia to provide the best service to the Ukrainian fugitives.

Sofiia fled the city of Lviv in western Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion of the country.

The woman admitted she fell in love with Tony at first sight.

Tony said he was the first individual to contact Sofiia on Facebook and offer the woman a place to stay.

He said they started to have a good relationship and his two children aged 10 and three also liked the woman.

However, in just 10 days, the couple’s marital happiness was shattered after the man ran away with the woman.

Sofiia worked as an Information Technology Manager and flew to Manchester, last May 4, after waiting for weeks in Berlin before her visa to the United Kingdom was approved.

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