Udaipur News, Tailor’s Head Beheaded

Teleskopnews.com – Netizens are currently being discussed by Udaipur News, because of the beheading incident of one of the tailors.

Currently, social media users are shocked by the viral video information about a tailor who was beheaded by two men.

So that Udaipur News became viral in searches on social media. The following information is summarized from various sources.

The beheading was carried out in broad daylight by two men in the Maldas area, Undaipur on Tuesday (28/6).

After carrying out the beheading, the perpetrator also recorded a video and confessed to killing the man through posts on social media.

The video of the murder is known to have gone viral online, making the atmosphere in the city tense.

The beheading was allegedly linked to posts on social media regarding support for Nupur Sharma.

Nupur Sharma himself is a young Indian politician who is controversial in his country for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Local police also managed to arrest the two suspects in the Bheem area of ​​Rajsamand district on Tuesday night. The suspect was arrested while trying to escape.

After the incident, the local market in the area was immediately closed because the traders demanded justice for the tailor victims.

Local officials also imposed a curfew in some areas, so that the atmosphere could contain the anger of the crowd who demanded the incident.

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