Two ways to delete permanent and temporary Video Snack account

Permanent or temporary deletion of an account on the Snack Video app can be due to several reasons.

Starting from getting bored when using video snacks, extreme wasting of internet quota, spending too much time etc.

Deleting an account on video snacks is really easy, but the location of the account deletion feature is completely hidden, so it requires special steps.

Keep in mind that permanently deleting your account will cause you to lose all your data in Snack Video app forever. Such as videos, currencies, mobile phone numbers, email addresses and other data.

Please think first before deleting, if you are sure, please follow the steps below.

How to permanently delete Snack Video account

After performing the above steps, Video Snack account is not permanently deleted.

Because the snack video still gives the chance for up to 72 hours (3 days).

If you change your mind and want to undelete the account, you can sign in with that account before the time expires.

Because after 72 hours, your snack video account will be permanently deleted.

If you are not sure if you want to permanently delete your account, do not do so. It is better to delete it for a while, to learn how to do it, please see below.

How to delete Video Snack account temporarily

To delete a snack video account temporarily, you can actually apply the above steps, but you have a certain time limit.

Worried about forgetting the time, you will lose all your data in the video snack.

For those of you who want to stop playing the snack video for a while but don’t want to delete all the data, my advice is to delete the snack video app only.

If you missed it later, you can install it again and log in with that account.


So far, there are only two ways you can do to delete a snack video account, either permanently or temporarily.

We hope this article will help those who are tired of using video snacks or want to stop for a while.

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