Two ways to activate Simpati card via SMS and Telkomsel website

How to activate the sympathy card – Activation and registration of a mobile phone card is a stage that all mobile phone users will encounter. Whatever the card is, it will definitely do it.

Fortunately, activating and registering the card is not difficult, including Simpati and other Telkomsel card users.

There are two ways to activate the Simpati card. Firstly, via SMS and secondly via Online or website Telkomsel official. You can even do this activation in a matter of minutes. This activation and registration is mandatory.

If you don’t, you won’t be able to communicate at all. There is no loophole or reason to ignore this obligation.

As one of the government programs to improve connectivity and security of mobile communication, activation must be done. Ultimately, you yourself will benefit from this process.

2 Ways to Activate the Sympathy Card Against Failure

If you just bought a prime number or changed your Telkomsel number, you don’t have to worry. Activation should be done and the method is easy.

You can choose to register via SMS or use Online. Both methods are easy and quick to solve.

Before activation, there are two things you need to prepare first. The two things are KTP and KK (family card).

The presence of both is absolutely necessary for the activation to be successful. Without both, it is impossible for you to activate the Simpati Card.

On your ID, you need a NIK. While you are on KK, you need the KK number. These two commands will subsequently determine whether or not activation is successful.

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Here are two ways to activate Simpati Anti-Fail Card via SMS and Online.

1. Activation via SMS

This method is the most common way to activate the sympathy card. Anyone can do this and it does not affect the phone they are using, whether old phones or smartphones today.

Later, you will send an SMS to 4444 containing SMS data in the form of NIK and KK number. The easiest way to activate the card is by SMS.

You don’t need internet at all and you will only do the activation process once. If there is a failure, you can repeat the method until you really succeed.

Here is how to activate your Simpati card via SMS.

  • Make sure you have your ID and KK.
  • Open the SMS list on your phone.
  • Writes REG NIK #NomorKK#.
  • Example: REG 5678910908070679#908070645671224#.
  • then, Send an SMS The 4444.
  • If successful, you will receive a notification about the successful activation of your Simpati card.

2. Activate Simpati Card Online

This second method is usually chosen by smartphone users who have excellent Internet connections. You can get to the official Telkomsel website, and activate it there by filling in the available registration form.

The procedure and process are quick and easy. The requirements are the same as activation via SMS. You will activate with NIK on your KTP and KK number.

So, make sure you have both before activating Online this is. Now, it’s time to activate Online Sympathy card. Here are the steps on how to activate your Simpati card via Online.

Open the web browser on your phone
  • Open the web Browser on your phone.
  • Open and access the official Telkomsel website at
  • find and Select the menu to re-register the card.
  • After that, you have to fill out the form.
Next you must fill out the form
  • Fill in the data according to the ID card and KK number.
  • Make sure all data is correct and there are no typing errors.
  • Click OK And the Select I agree After the data entry terms and conditions appear.
  • Simpati card activation process through Online he did.

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The first method is indeed the preferred method for activating the Simpati card. Speed ​​and ease are the reason. After knowing how to activate the card, there is no reason to forget or even reject it.

Card activation and registration is a non-negotiable commitment.

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