Tricks to Maximize Smartphones to Maintain Physical and Mental Health – Samsung interprets World Health Day this year by inviting consumers to care more about the physical and mental health of themselves and those closest to them. One of them is by presenting the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G.

“Samsung wants to invite its beloved consumers to maintain their physical health and by maximizing their smartphone who is always a partner everyday.

How to Maintain Health Using Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

“There are so many features that the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G brings to better understand and maintain physical and mental conditions in living a more meaningful lifestyle and routine,” said Verry Octavianus, Product Marketing Manager for Samsung Mobile Experience, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

How to Maintain Health Using Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

Check out 5 things you can do to maintain maximum physical and mental health using the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G:

1. Build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle with exercise virtual via the screen that immersive

It is undeniable, exercise can provide broad benefits for our physical and mental health. Regular exercise can help us avoid various diseases, control weight, and maintain fitness in the long term.

In addition, exercise can also help us to improve mood, deal with stress, and get better sleep, which can have a positive impact on our mental health.

Currently, there are many choices of fun sports that you can do, even the pandemic is pushing the virtual sports trend.

You can also experience today’s virtual sports more comfortably thanks to the 6.8-inch wide screen of the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G which is so immersive.

You can watch the video pound fit to zumba more clearly, even when you’re working out on your patio in the sun, thanks to Vision Booster technology that boosts screen brightness and Dynamic AMOLED 2X that displays colors so vivid.

Moreover, there are adaptive refresh rate 120Hz which makes the screen display more smoothmake you more comfortable when scrolling find the most suitable yoga to pilates videos.

2. Understand the condition of the body through the comprehensive Galaxy ecosystem

In maintaining physical and mental health, we need to understand the condition of the body so that we can live a healthy lifestyle that best suits the state of the body.

In fact, we are encouraged to have a health check every 6-12 months even though we are feeling healthy and fit.

Regular health checks are important to prevent the risk of disease that may occur in the future.

Can eliminate doubts about the possibility of disease that can give peace of mind, to know our health trends from time to time.

To help you understand your body’s condition more practically, you can connect the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G with the Galaxy Watch4 Series.

Galaxy Watch4 Series has features body composition capable of measuring various elements in the body, ranging from body mass index to the metabolic rate.

You can see the information above in the Samsung Health application on the Galaxy S22 Ultra5G directly seamless and directly integrated.

The Samsung Health application can also provide reports on the quality of your sleep recorded on the Galaxy Watch4 Series, thus providing the best equipment for customers in managing their health.

3. Journaling to pour out thoughts anytime and anywhere

Various studies show that the activity of pouring thoughts and feelings into a diary, also known as journalingcan provide many benefits for mental health.

Journaling helps us express feelings and release stress which can increase feelings of happiness and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders.

Journaling to pour out your thoughts anytime and anywhere

Journaling can also be a means to get to know yourself better which in the end can help us be more grateful until we go through the process recovery from a disease or trauma more optimally.

Now, apart from a physical diary, journaling can be performed in more mediums, including smartphone. In this case, the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G which is equipped with built-in S Pen can accompany you to do journaling more practically anytime and anywhere.

Such a low latency of 2.8ms makes the S Pen on the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 3x more responsive than its predecessor. In addition, your handwriting can also be converted into text instantly.

So, you can feel a more realistic and comfortable writing experience. You can also save various posts journaling you in Samsung Notes regularly.

All thanks to the neat folder arrangement, you can even change the page template to the background for a more fun and personal look for your journal.

4. Optimized virtual consultation thanks to the best connectivity experience

Doing counseling with a psychologist is not a taboo. In fact, consultations like this can actually provide many benefits for us in maintaining mental health.

Together with psychologists, we can lighten the load of our minds and tell stories without fear of being judged. In addition, we can also get a new perspective in straightening out the problems we face, such as stress or anxiety disorders.

in the end can help us get the best solution for the problem.

In recent times, especially during the pandemic, consultations online has been widely provided by psychologists and platforms healthtech.

Even those of you who need a consultation with a psychologist can live it more comfortably online using the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G thanks to the best Google Duo experience.

There are features live sharing which makes it easier for you to show photos that can support your story to a psychologist.

Even the large screen of the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G allows you to split screen to open Google Duo and Samsung Notes at the same time, while keeping the display spacious in both applications.

So you can record important things that you get from the consultation practically.

5. Healing by Sharing Positive Vibe Via Social Media

You can maximize social media as part of a way of expressing yourself in order to maintain mental health.

There are various ways. You can share your favorite hobbies and activities on Instagram, show off your teeth through challenge and effect which trending on TikTok, to sharing stories instantly with your friends via Snapchat.

Positive interactions on social media like this can also be mood booster which can have a positive impact on your mental health.

Healing by Sharing Positive Vibe Through Social Media

You can too healing on social media with more fun thanks to the Galaxy S22 Ultra which has in-app camera on Instagram, TikTok, to Snapchat apps that are just as good as the camera app on smartphone the.

So, you can create content or just capture the moments around you with the clearest quality whatever social media you choose.

Share Nearby Scenes for a More Epic Social Media Experience with In-app Camera On S22 Ultra 5G

Unlock #MyNewRules in maintaining physical and mental health with Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

Implement the various routines above and enjoy a new way to maintain physical and mental health with the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G by getting smartphone flagship directly at the online store and retail stores.

You can have the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G with prices starting from Rp. 17,999,000. The Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G is available in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Burgundy colors.

Interestingly, you can get the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G with attractive offers during the period from April 1 to May 15, 2022.

You can enjoy cashback up to IDR 2,500,000, data package up to 840GB, and 50% discount for Samsung Care+ protection for 1 year. Find out more about the offer at

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