Tricks for Free Internet Without Quota on the Latest Android Phones 2022

Hello guys, welcome back to, In this article there is an interesting discussion about how to surf for free without quota, which we will discuss in the article below.

Before we discuss the topic above, it never hurts for us to know the basics about this trick first. Yes indeed this sounds impossible, but not a few people succeed in doing it.

In this modern era, Android Smartphone is now considered as a basic need that must be used by everyone who is involved in communication technology.

Not only that, Android smartphones offer increasingly sophisticated functions. So it is undeniable why many people use it for their advanced functions.

However, Android smartphones also have negative impacts that can harm users themselves if they can’t use them wisely.

we mean in negative ie. You will be addicted to playing your smartphone and not thinking about real world activities. You will continue to play until you forget your real life.

Well, back to our topic of discussion, below we will share how and steps you can try to do free internet tricks using your android phone.

How to Free Internet on Android Phones Without Quota

Many Android applications are getting more sophisticated. For example, the application on the Windows system already exists on the Android base, yes, although it is not as complete as the PC version, but it is more than enough.

In addition to PC applications that can be installed on Android, now the Android operating system can also be installed on PCs, which allows you to use Android only on your PC.

In addition to the sophistication above, which is even more surprising, now you can surf for free without using quota with only Android.

This activity is of course very good for Android users who want to save money, because free internet can save money that would normally be used to buy opportunities.

Then how? Well below are the rare steps that you can try.

Free Internet Tricks With Apps

1. Using Psiphon

The first you can use the Psiphon Application. This is one of the recommendations and the most widely used to be able to surf for free.

This method of operation can be used by several operators in Indonesia for free internet by changing the IP address in addition to this application. This surprises us as well as benefits us.

2. RDP (Remote Desktop Private)

Remote Desktop Private or often called rdp, is a way that you can do for free internet.

A simple explanation is to use one computer and another using an android phone only.

So, your cellphone is only a tool to control but what works is a computer that you control through your cellphone.

To connect, you must use the Internet to communicate between computers.

However, it can be used in any version of Android. You can upload and download large amounts of data at lightning speed, for free of course.

3. Use a VPN

Yes, there are indeed many ways to use a vpn, besides you can use a vpn to unblock websites, it turns out that you can also use a vpn for free internet,

The way it works is simple, so vpn works to disguise your ip address when browsing the internet.

Many people have used this simple application and not a few people have succeeded in doing so.

4. Using SSH (Secure Shell)

In the past this application only supports computers and with this application you can get free with a few simple tricks. but with the development of technology.

Now this App is available on Android phones, and of course Android users can easily use free internet.

5. Using Simple Server

With this application you can access the Internet for free. The purpose of this application is to change the connection from Internet users to Internet service providers.

No wonder this application is loved by free internet lovers. This application was previously popular with Symbian users.

For this reason, this application is also made for the Android system so that it can be used by Android users who are currently widespread.

6. Using HTTP Injector

HTTP Injector is an application with a payload generator that allows you to access the Internet for free.

This application can be downloaded from the Play Store or from the Internet for free.

7. Using KPN Tunnel

When accessing the Internet, this KPN tunnel offers free access to the Internet via SSH (Secure Shell).

Here’s how to use KPN Tunnel:

  • SettingKPN Tunnel
  • Press the dot in the upper right corner and select [Config-Impor ] to find the downloaded configuration file.
  • Then press START / START At this point and you can enjoy free internet.

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So that’s our discussion about how to get free internet using an android phone. with the above steps, you can try it on your android phone.

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