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Top Up DANA from Digibank

INDEK-NEWS.COM – Top up DANA from Digibank. Talking about the DANA digital wallet, it is one of the most popular digital wallets and many users today. With the various facilities it has, DANA has won the hearts of the community.

For those of you who are DANA users and have a Digi Bank account, now there is a method or method available Top up DANA from Digibank. Not only can you top-up with other digital wallets, but you can also use Bang like Digi Bank, BRI bank, BCA bank and so on.

Now the DANA digital wallet is increasingly being used in various digital financial transactions, both in malls and other marketplaces. However, it can run well, of course, the balance in the DANA must be adequate Top up DANA from Digibank.

As mentioned earlier, if you have Digi bank by DBS, please use it to top up DANA through Digibank anywhere and anytime.

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Then how to top up DANA Via Digibank. So, in this article, to find out, of course, we will present a tutorial on how to top up DANA through Digibank.

Therefore, please read and follow the tutorial in Top up DANA from Digibank. To make it easier for you not to top up your DANA balance so that you can always make transactions if your DANA balance is safe.

What is DigiBank?

Maybe the name digibank sounds foreign to your ears, when in fact in Japan it is one of the digital bank products provided by DBS Indonesia bank. Digibank is part of the DBS Group which is based in Singapore and has been awarded the title of the best bank in Asia for 3 consecutive times.

Digibank also offers many mobile application features that can be used by every customer, starting from opening an account, applying for a credit card, investing and other financial arrangements. In addition, digibank has also been registered with the Financial Services Authority as well as a deposit guarantee institution.

Features That Can Be Used on Digibank

  • Free Domestic and International Transfer
  • Free Admin Fee
  • Investment Facility
  • Credit Card Activation
  • Spending Tracker
  • Cashline Disbursement
  • Forex Transfer

DANA Top Up Tutorial from Digibank

There are several steps that must be taken to top up funds from digibank. Listen and pay attention to the following explanation:

  • First, login to the digibank by DBS application.
  • Select and click the pay and buy menu.
  • Select and click the electronic money menu.
  • Select and click the e-money issuer.
  • Select and click on the fund e-wallet.
  • Write down the nominal amount that will be Top Up for funds.
  • Confirm the payment then enter the digibank password friends.
  • Wait a few moments until the transaction process is really successful.
  • Done.

Advantages of Using Digibank by DBS

  • It will be more practical and secure.
  • Can find out where friends’ money is spent.
  • Many various promos are offered to customers.

That’s how friends can be given around the way top up funds from digibank. Hopefully this article will provide benefits and add insight as well as provide solutions to various problems faced in doing top up funds and see you.


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