TOP 5 Brands of Good and Most Effective Cat Mushroom Medicine

MerekBagus.Co.Id – Mushrooms are a disease that attacks anyone. Not only humans, animals can also be affected, including cats. There are many and varied types of fungi in cats. One way to treat fungus in cats is with wasp oil, although the results obtained are less than optimal.

Therefore, you have to buy the most effective brand of cat mushroom medicine that you can buy at pet shops or pharmacies. It’s just that, you should not buy the product carelessly. Maybe the disease in your cat will increase due to the effects of the drug given,

5 Best Cat Mushroom Medicine Brands That Are Good And Effective

For those of you who are currently looking for medicine for your cat. There is nothing wrong with listening to the article below. There are several recommendations that you can take into consideration. Complete with reviews, advantages, disadvantages and prices for marketed cat mushroom drugs.

1. Virgin Coconut Oil

VCO for cat fungus medicine uses virgin coconut oil which is uniquely processed. Contains lauric acid, which is able to overcome bacterial and fungal problems that occur in cats. The chain structure, so this product is also effective as an anti-cancer.

This natural cat mushroom remedy is safe, if licked by a cat. Does not cause poisoning and does not have heat properties. Contains polyphenols that function as anti-oxidants. How to use it is easy, you just need to apply it to the cat’s body. Minimum 2 times for 3 days.

Advantages of Virgin Coconut Oil Cat Medicine Brand

  • Can be used by humans for skin health and beauty products.
  • Able to maintain your cat’s immune system.
  • When licked into a good nutritional intake for cats.
  • Not only smeared, can also be drunk by mixing it into food or drinks.
  • Able to regrow bald cat hair.
  • Can be used for kittens, cats who are pregnant and lactating.

Disadvantages of Virgin Coconut Oil Cat Medicine Brands

  • Can cause side effects in the form of diarrhea when licked. This is because the VCO content is adapting to the body’s organs. Like the new food you give.

Price of Virgin Coconut Oil Cat Medicine Brand

Store Name Price Information
Bukalapak Rp 27.000
Tokopedia Rp 30.000
Shopee Rp 27.000
lacing Rp 17.000

2. Scadix


This Scadix cat mushroom medicine contains natural ingredients that are not only used for your cat. It can also be used for dogs and rabbits. Has a composition of neomicyn sulphate, Ampicillin Trihydrate and Trichlorofon.

How to use this drug is also quite easy, first shake it first. So that the active ingredients can be mixed perfectly. Next, you can spray it and apply it to the affected area. You can use it 2 to 3 times a day.

The Advantages of the Scadix Cat Medicine Brand

  • Easy to find everywhere.
  • Easy to use and uses a variety of natural ingredients
  • Can be used for all ages of cats.
  • Able to remove bacteria that stick to the skin.
  • Heals wounds on the skin.

Disadvantages of Scadix Cat Medicine Brand

Cat Medicine Brand Price Scadix

Store Name Price Ket.
Shopee Rp 31.900
Tokopedia Rp 21.700
Bukalapak Rp 25.000
lacing Rp 27.500

3. Well


This spray cat mushroom medicine has various kinds of information ranging from the product, to the description of the drug on the back of the product. Safe to use even if your cat tries to lick it. How to use it is quite easy.

Spray directly on the lucing skin affected by the fungus. For maximum results use approximately 3 times a day. To avoid being licked by a cat, you should give food and drinks first.

Advantages of Well Cat Medicine Brand

  • Effectively heals cat skin from fungus.
  • Easy to use.
  • Using natural ingredients that are safe for your cat.

Disadvantages of Well Cat Medicine Brand

  • Takes a while to remove the fungus.

Well Cat Medicine Brand Price

Store Name Price Ket.
Shopee Rp 30.000
Tokopedia Rp 50.000
lacing Rp 36.100

4. Bally Salve Cat And Dog


This product uses oinmental battal material and micronazole stat. The packaging is quite large in a round shape with orange color with pictures of cats and dogs. How to use it is quite easy.

You only need to apply it twice to the affected area of ​​the fungus. Contains no side effects. The healing process is also quite fast depending on how severe the fungus that lands on your cat’s skin is.

The Advantages of the Bally Save Cat And Dog Cat Medicine Brand

  • Able to help take care of your cat’s skin.
  • Able to treat wounds well.
  • Safe when licked by cats
  • Widely used by dog ​​and cat lovers

Disadvantages of Bally Save Cat And Dog Cat Medicine Brands

  • Because, in the form of an ointment, you have to really keep your hands clean. After using don’t forget to wash your hands with soap, because this fungus can also be contagious.

Bally Save Cat And Dog Cat Medicine Brand Price

Store Name Price Ket.
Shopee Rp 11.700
Tokopedia Rp 30.000
Carousel Rp 15.000

5. Itraconazole


This product is usually given by veterinarians to cats who have been exposed to the fungus blastomycosis. Where, this fungus has shown the severity of your cat’s skin. It comes in capsule form so you can mix it into cat food.

This drug can also be used for humans. Therefore, before using it you must contact your doctor first. So that you can know the right level to use this drug. Because, there are side effects that will be a new problem for you.

Advantages of Itraconazole Cat Medicine Brand

  • Able to treat cats that have been exposed to severe fungus.
  • Easy to use because, you can dissolve it in food.
  • This drug can be used for humans, especially humans.

Disadvantages of Itraconazole Cat Medicine Brand

  • Your cat’s appetite will decrease.

Price of Itraconazole Cat Medicine Brand

Store Name Price Ket.
Shopee Rp 38.000 10 Capsules
Tokopedia Rp 45.000 10 Capsules
Bukalapak Rp 45.000 10 Capsules
K24 click Rp 6.133 1 Capsule


Cats are cute and adorable pets. Therefore, it must be treated properly as well as taking care of yourself. Therefore, it is better to take good care of the cat than to treat it which will eventually cause side effects.

That’s a review of the most powerful medicinal mushroom brand. Hopefully useful and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have other recommendations. And, also share this article so that more people know this information.

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