Top 5 Artist-like Face Applications That Are More Viral The Best Free

Are you looking for an artist-like face photo editing apk that is currently being hit? This is the recommendation for the latest and free viral face application that you can try.

Have you ever heard the saying that every human being has a twin in the world? Yes, if you are lucky, maybe your “twin” can be similar to artists from abroad.

Well, to find out the level of resemblance of your face to the artist, you can use the help of software or apk download, which is to use a face-like application that is currently viral for free.

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The application is one of the most sought after applications because not a few people are curious to find out who the artist has a resemblance to their face. If you feel similar to a certain artist, you can prove the resemblance through this application.

Well, to make it more exciting, the results of the comparison of your real face with the face of the artist who is considered similar can be uploaded to social media.

Then, wait for the netizen’s response, whether many agree with the results shown by the application, or just the opposite.

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List of Applications Similar to the Best Free Indonesian, Korean, Indian Artist Faces

Here are some applications that you can use to find out and prove the resemblance of your face to artists, both from Indonesia and abroad such as Korea and India.

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1. Gradient, the most popular artist-like face detection application

The Gradient application is one of the most popular and is used by people to find out the similarity of faces with artists from various countries.

Many are amazed by the face matching results found by this application because it has a high level of accuracy.

Here’s an easy way to check the resemblance of your face to a famous artist.

  • Install the Gradient application
  • Press the Continue button
  • Next press the cross to use the app for free
  • On the main page, select Who’s your twin
  • Then press Try Now
  • Upload your photo that looks clear
  • In just a few seconds, the app can find the faces of artists who are similar to you
App Name on Play Store Gradient: Celebrity Look Alike
File Size 80 MB
Rating/Total Downloads 3.9 (266K reviews)/10M download
Price Free
Feature – Automatic photo editing like fantasy creatures
– Turn face photos into cartoons
– Knowing ethnicity
– Get to know artist-like faces from all over the world
– Beautify photos
Link Download Gradient: Celebrity Look Alike

2. Instagram, Face Application Similar to Indonesian Artists

Some of you may already be quite familiar with the existence of this one application. However, who would have thought that this popular application with its filters can also be used to match faces with Indonesian artists.

Curious to know how? Check out the following steps:

  • First, create Story IG as usual
  • In the Filter section, scroll right to the end until the Effects Gallery button appears
  • Type in the search field “like who”
  • Choose the one that appears
  • Press Try to find out if it matches the face of the artist in Indonesia
App Name on Play Store Instagram
Developer Instagram
File Size 43 MB
Rating/Total Downloads 4.4 (137 million reviews)/1 billion downloads
Price Free
Feature – Upload photos and video stories
– Various aesthetic effect filters
– IGTV for live streaming
Link Download Instagram Apk

3. FaceApp, Korean Artist-like Face Test Application

Unlike the previous application, this one application can help match your face with artists from South Korea.

If you can’t wait to try it, just look at the steps for using the following FaceApp artist-like face application:

  • Download and install FaceApp
  • After that, open the application and select a photo of your face that shows all parts of the face clearly
  • Select the Editor menu, then select the Face Swap icon
  • Hit the Find Celebrity button
  • Select the gallery to find photos of Korean artists that you want to match your face
  • Press Apply, then FaceApp will display the results of the face test photos like Korean artists
App Name on Play Store FaceApp: Face Editor
Developer FaceApp Technology Ltd
File Size 42 MB
Rating/Total Downloads 4.7 (4 million reviews)/100 million downloads
Price Free
Feature – Matching artist-like faces
– Added facial features to make it more perfect
– Change gender and age
Link Download FaceApp Pro Apk

4. FacePlay, Indian Artist-like Face App

In addition to matching faces with Korean artists, many Indonesians want to match their faces with artists from India. In Indonesia, these two countries are quite popular and admired for the beauty and good looks of the actors.

If you are a Bollywood lover, you can try this one application to be similar to Indian artists complete with jewelry knick-knacks like in movies.

How to use the application is very easy, which is enough to upload a photo. More will be explained below:

  • Install the FacePlay app
  • Just go back if the paid subscription screen appears
  • Once on the main page, type in the top search “india”
  • Choose the one that appears
  • Tekan Free To Use
  • Connect to your Google or Facebook Account so you can use it for free
  • Then click Start Making
  • Next select your face photo, then press Confirm
  • Press Star Making, then wait for the process to finish
  • When finished, open the Gallery to find photos edited by the FacePlay application that can make your face look like an Indian artist in a Bollywood movie
App Name on Play Store FacePlay: Face Swap Video
File Size 45 MB
Rating/Total Downloads 4.5 (167K reviews)/10M download
Price Free
Feature – Edit face swap photo with artist
– Create beautiful ethnic dress videos from around the world using your photos
– Face swap with South Korean artists in Drama cut videos
Link Download FacePlay Mod Pro Apk

5., Artist-like Application on Facebook

Facebook is the next application that can help you detect facial similarities with artists through the help of free features from the Vonvon site.

Vonvon itself is a platform that is quite popular among Facebook users because it provides a variety of fun quizzes whose results can be shared via Facebook status. Quiz “Which celebrity do you look like?” is one of the most popular.

To find similarities with artists from Vonvon Facebook, perform the following steps:

  • Before using the Vonvon feature, log in to your Facebook account first
  • Visit
  • Tekan Click to Start!
  • Select Camera/Photo
  • Select gender Female (Female) or Male (Male)
  • Wait for Vonvon to find an artist similar to you
  • Press Share to share the results directly connected to Facebook

Those were some recommended applications that can detect the resemblance of your face to famous artists. All of the above artist-like face apps can be used for free, or paid if you want to get premium features.

Share the comparison photos of artists that are similar to your face on social media to get compliments and amaze many people.

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