Top 5 Android 3D Animation Apps Worth Trying

Are you looking for the best animation app for Android? Then you are right in this article. Animation design enthusiasts will surely have the desire to create animations in different dimensions. One of them is 3D animation or commonly abbreviated as 3D animation.

To direct their interest in making animation, sometimes someone wants to start easily i.e. with Android 3D animation app, so that they can do it with mobile phone.

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There are different types of 3D animation maker apps available on Android. The number of these applications shows that many people are interested in making 3D animation.

So, what are the best 3D animation apps for Android? Come on, keep reading this article to the end.

List of Best 3D Animation Apps for Android

To know more details, here is a review of the 5 best 3D animation apps for Android.

1. Zoom

Zoobe is a 3D animation maker app which is among the best because it can create very interesting 3D animated videos. The application contains a variety of characters in the movie that can be turned into characters that are used to create 3D animation.

The real purpose of Zoobe is to send video messages in the form of unique 3D animations. You can also add voice actors to the 3D animation which is designed to make it more exciting. Created 3D animated videos can also be downloaded, so that they can be uploaded to social media accounts.

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2. Veemee Avatar Creator

Veemee Avatar Creator is one of the best 3D animation apps for Android. The application provides a feature to create an avatar and can make it more attractive by displaying clothes, accessories, and backgrounds with different themes.

In addition, Veemee Avatar Creator also provides a feature to move the created avatar, so that it becomes an animated video. To use the app, you need to create an account first and get gems in order to enjoy the features of the existing accessories.

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3. Move it!

Move it! An android 3d animation maker app that can be used for beginners who are just learning animation. The application contains a variety of characters that can be selected at will to be played.

Move it! It also provides the advantage of being able to animate the created characters with different movements. The results of the movements performed are also very good for beginners. The app provides 32 frames for creating 3D animations with copy, paste and editing features.

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4. Toontastic 3D

This app is a 3D animation maker app released by Google LCC. Toontastic 3D can be used to create animations and movies using mobile phones. In the application there are quite complete features such as background design, objects and voice actors, so that they can also create 3D animated characters that can talk.

Toontastic 3D has features that previous applications did not have. In the previous application, average 3D animated characters were generated only with the characters provided. However, in this application users can create characters with custom faces that are in the mobile photo gallery.

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5. Animation desk

Animation Desk is one of those apps that is also useful for creating 3D animations on Android. With this app, anyone can be able to create animations easily and for free. Animation Desk provides features for framing animations from scratch as well as creating animations on images, videos, or PSD layers.

There are 45 different brushes that you can use to make your animation more interesting. One of the advantages of Animation Desk is that it can import images or videos to be included in the animation and create layered animations.

So here are the 5 best 3D animation apps for Android that you can try. These 5 apps are highly recommended for beginners who are just starting to learn to create animations because they are very easy to use.

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