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Top 10 Best Knife Sharpening Stones (PROVEN!)

Knives are tools that are often used in everyday life. Using a knife often over time will make the knife dull. Therefore, to restore the sharpness of your knife you need the best knife sharpening stone to make the knife feel new again.

Tips for Choosing the Best Knife Sharpening Stone

In the past, knife sharpeners were just ordinary stones, now there are several types of knife sharpeners that can sharpen knives at home. Here are some tips that can be used in choosing a knife sharpener, namely:

1. Knife sharpener type

If you have never bought a knife sharpening stone, there are several types of knife sharpeners sold on the market. Types of knife sharpeners such as manual, stick, electric, or ordinary stone.

For those who have experience sharpening knives, buying a stick or stone type will not be a problem. However, for beginners who want practicality, the electric type is a good choice because of its ease of use and time efficiency.

2. Knife sharpening material


The material of the knife sharpening stone is also related to the speed of sharpening time and the level of sharpness. A stainless steel, ceramic, or diamond knife sharpener will produce a sharp knife in a short time.

In addition, these materials also tend to be more durable, strong, and anti-rust. You also have to know the specifications of how long it takes to sharpen the knife.

3. Ease and convenience of use


The important thing that you should pay attention to before buying an item is the ease and convenience of use. To find out that the knife sharpener is the right choice, you need to read the instructions contained in the package.

Also make sure that the sharpener has anti-slip protection for the hands so that it does not slide or slip easily.

Best Knife Sharpening Stone Brand Recommendations

Knife sharpeners sold in the market are available in various types and brands. The following recommendations for knife sharpeners with different types, namely:

1. Nobleman


For those of you who like sharpening stones, this Edelmann Combination Whetstone 240/1000 brand sharpener can be the right choice.

The sharpening stone from Edelmann has an attractive appearance and is equipped with a stand that makes it more stable when used for sharpening. This Edelmann knife sharpener product consists of two sides, namely the rough side and the smooth side.

The rough side is used to sharpen the knife and the smooth side is used to sharpen the knife. Before use, the whetstone should be soaked in water first. This sharpener is the best recommendation for those of you who like the classic knife sharpener model with optimal results.

2. Tanica Dual Stage Knife Sharpener


This type of knife sharpener from Tanica is designed with two slots, namely fine and coarse. Smooth slots are equipped with ceramic wheels and serve for routine maintenance. Meanwhile, rough slots are used to sharpen dull knives with just a few strokes.

The handle of the Tanica knife sharpener is also non-slippery with an ergonomic shape, making it easier and safer to use.

3. Victorinox Sharpening Steel (25 cm)


Victorinox is a knife sharpener brand originating from Switzerland with unquestionable quality. This knife sharpener is the best in its class, not easily damaged, durable, and resistant to rust.

Victorinox is a knife sharpener with a stick model that uses chromium plated material. The handle is made using polypropylene material so it is not slippery and comfortable to grip.

This sharpener is easy to clean and has a loop hook that can be hung up when not in use.

4. IKEA Aspect

IKEA aspect

This knife sharpener from IKEA has a simple design and measures 16 cm in length. When used, this knife sharpener must be filled with water.

This IKEA knife sharpener is made of a combination of feldspar porcelain, polyamide plastic, and polycarbonate plastic which makes this product quite light. The knife sharpener handle is made of strong synthetic plastic and has good heat insulation.

IKEA Aspect is suitable for sharpening knives of various sizes.

5. Jamie Oliver JB 7600


Jamie Oliver is a famous chef who issued a knife sharpener, namely Jamie Oliver JB 7600. This knife sharpener is made of premium quality anti-rust stainless steel.

In addition, this knife sharpener has also been equipped with hand protection and a comfortable grip shape. Thus, the knife sharpener can be used comfortably and safely.

6. chef


Krischef is a well-known brand in Indonesia that offers a variety of household furniture. The knife sharpener from Krischef has a modern design.

The knife sharpener handle also has an ergonomic shape with a non-slip surface, making it easier for you to sharpen knives. This Krischef knife sharpener is made of stainless steel with two parts.

Not only can it be used to sharpen knives, this tool can also be used to sharpen scissors.

7. Swifty Sharp


This knife sharpener from Swifty Sharp is perfect for those of you who like practical things and don’t want to bother. This knife sharpener is able to sharpen knives in a relatively fast time.

The Swifty Sharp runs electrically on batteries, so you can save time and effort when sharpening knives. Swifty Sharp has also been equipped with a power grip that has been well attached to the surface.

This keeps the knife sharpener from shifting when used to sharpen knives. In addition to knives, Swifty Sharp can also be used to sharpen screwdrivers or scissors which makes this tool quite versatile.

8. Gerber Mini Portable Knife Sharpener


If you need a knife sharpener with a mini size, this Gerber brand can be an option. This knife sharpener is only 5 cm in size, so it is perfect for carrying for hiking or camping.

There are two sides of sharpening that can make the knife sharp again. Not only practical, this knife sharpener is also made of pretty good material.

9. Matsunaga Stone


The well-known separation grinder from Japan is the Matsunaga Stone brand, the King Deluxe K-45 series. This knife sharpener is very popular among carpenters, chefs, and knife enthusiasts. This whetstone is softer when compared to other hard stone grinders.

The soft texture of the stone makes the knife sharp faster with this knife sharpener. Before use, this stone must be soaked for about 3 minutes first. The whetstone will produce mud which can help with the sharpening process.

10. Surmene Knife Sharpener


If you think that all knife sharpeners are expensive then the answer is no. Surmene offers knife sharpeners at affordable prices and practical sizes.

The knife sharpener from Surmene has dimensions of 18.5x3x3.5 cm which can be used to sharpen knives or scissors. It is quite easy to use this knife sharpener.

You only need to hold the hande with your left hand firmly, position the blade in the middle of the wheel using your right hand and pull it back several times. You’ll have a sharp knife in no time.

Knife sharpeners are sold at prices that vary depending on the brand and material used. Choose the type of knife sharpener that suits your needs, so you can get the right knife sharpener and work well.

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