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TOP 1 Zenzation Long Lasting Synthetic Oil The World Class Choice of Products


InfoSurabaya : TOP1 products are formulated with selected world-class additives that can improve performance and durability, while providing maximum protection for vehicle engines.

TOP1’s latest products have the advantage of being able to withstand higher extreme conditions, provide maximum rust protection, and certainly meet the highest specifications for motorized vehicles in their respective classes.



Having a comfortable vehicle is a dream for many people, therefore in terms of maintenance it must always be considered so that the components in the vehicle are not easily damaged.

One simple way that you can do to meet the intake of the vehicle is to change the oil regularly, even though our knowledge about the performance of vehicle components is very minimal, but at least changing the oil regularly must be on the agenda.

Oil is one of the important components in a vehicle because it has many functions that support the functions of other components. Oil not only functions as a lubricant, but also protects components and cools so that the car does not overheat easily.

TOP 1 Zenzation Long Lasting Synthetic Oil

There are two types of oil that you can use, including mineral oil and synthetic oil, which you can choose one of them according to the needs of the performance of your respective vehicle components.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of oil, namely mineral oil and synthetic oil (synthetic). From the term, we can see that mineral oil is more natural because it is made from crude oil, while synthetic oil is the result of chemical engineering.

Mineral oil has inhomogeneous molecules, and is more easily oxidized, resulting in a shorter service life. But the price is much cheaper than synthetic oil.

While synthetic oil is more expensive because of the complicated production process. But it performs better thanks to more homogeneous molecules, longer durability and better performance thanks to a lower (thinner) viscosity.

Recommended Long Lasting Synthetic Oil

Talking about engine oil, TOP 1 is a well-known global oil brand that has been proven to provide synthetic oil products that are durable and reliable in many vehicle engines.

For synthetic oil, TOP 1 has the TOP 1 Zenzation lineup with several specification options according to customer vehicle needs, both for gasoline engines and diesel engines.

Is that why you shouldn’t just buy your own oil, because there are certain rules that each vehicle doesn’t have to use the same oil. There are various oil products that you can use, one of which is this TOP 1 Zenzation product.

Zenzation’s Top 1 Advantages

  1. Synthetic Engine Oil with Esters.
  2. Make the oil last longer protects the engine.
  3. Synthetic content 30% higher than other similar products.
  4. Able to protect into narrow crevices.

TOP 1 Zenzation is one of the semi-synthetic car engine oil products from TOP1 which is able to make engine performance more optimal.

By using Ester Fortified technology, which is claimed to have a high ability to protect engine components and is a long-lasting oil. The following are the superior technologies found in TOP 1 Zenzation, including:

  • Ester Fortified: Enriched with ‘Ester’ material which protects the engine longer and creates a perfect response, even from the start of the engine.
  • Exceed Euro 6 Standard: TOP 1 Zenzation helps the engine to produce more environmentally friendly exhaust emissions and stay powerful.
  • Max TBN: Contains anti-corrosion ingredients for maximum protection against rust on metal.

Zenzation’s TOP 1 Product List

TOP 1 Zenzation & Zenzation Diesel is a synthetic lubricant specially formulated for today’s cars with gaps between engine components that tend to be tight.

The intelligent molecules in Zenzation TOP 1 oils are engineered to perfectly protect and clean every crevice in engine components. Here are Zenzation’s TOP 1 oil recommendations for gasoline and diesel engines:


Besides Zenzation, TOP 1 also has several other products, such as TOP1 Action Matic, TOP1 MC, TOP1 HP, TOP1 Evolution, and so on.

TOP 1 Oil in Indonesia World Class Choice Products

TOP1 oil in Indonesia is distributed by an official agent named PT TOPINDO ATLAS ASIA (Topindo). The company was founded in 1981, as a distribution company for high quality automotive products.

TOP 1 products distributed by Topindo managed to become the market leader. Topindo’s achievements are proven by the award for the best quality and customer satisfaction.

Now Topindo has expanded its business in the distribution of high quality spare parts. As a distributor of premium products, Topindo is committed to providing the best quality products and services to Indonesian customers.

In order to meet the high demands of the market, many companies improve the performance of mineral oil. This is of course very much supported by the ever-increasing technological developments, it’s no wonder that Synthetic Oil is currently being created.

You need to know that in addition to the advantages we mentioned above, another advantage of synthetic oil is that it can contain a lower level of viscosity so it is very suitable for use in modern engines, which do use a higher level of precision.

Synthetic Oil is not easily oxidized with the ability to release heat better and can evaporate which is proof of the greatness of synthetic oil, namely Long Lasting Oil. This is why the use of synthetic oil is highly recommended, especially if you already have a vehicle with a modern engine.

There are other things that can be taken into consideration when using synthetic oil, including the fact that the synthetic oil molecules are more evenly distributed, thus reducing frictional forces more perfectly for the vehicle components themselves.


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