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Gadgetren – Tokopedia is collaborating with Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in presenting a special Financial Literacy Module for MSME players.

The background for the existence of this financial literacy module is the lack of financial literacy in Indonesia, especially those owned by MSME actors and the general public who are just starting their startup businesses.

Astri Wahyuni, Tokopedia’s Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, explained that the current level of financial literacy is lower than financial inclusion itself. Data from Tokopedia states that the level of public financial literacy is 38.03 percent while financial inclusion is around 76.19 percent.

In addition to low financial literacy knowledge, 97 percent of MSME actors were found to be greatly helped by the digitalization training and as many as 60.1 percent of MSME participants who participated in digitization wanted material related to financial management.

This has prompted the release of a financial literacy module specifically for 12 million sellers on Tokopedia, almost 100 percent of which are local businesses and Tokopedia users in general as well as anyone interested in financial literacy knowledge.

This module can be accessed directly through the Tokopedia application on Android and iOS-based mobile phones. In addition, it can also be viewed through a web browser on a user’s laptop or desktop computer.

On the main page or the lowest Tokopedia homepage, users only need to click on the Seller Education Center. In the top search field then type Financial Literacy Module and the page will redirect to a row of four modules to choose from.

There users will get four financial literacy modules that can be read. The first module has the theme of Planning, Financial Management, and Simple Accounting for MSMEs. The second module is entitled How to Obtain and Manage Business Capital.


The third module is Payment Methods, Digital Transactions, and the Importance of Taxes for MSMEs. Finally, the fourth module is entitled Starting a Safe and Profitable Investment. The four modules can be downloaded for free by every user in PDF format.

On the same occasion, Elsya MS Chani as Director of the MSME Development and Consumer Protection Department said that his party was very optimistic that this financial literacy module would be very useful for MSMEs.

However, he reminded that this module is not the only tool to help MSME actors or the community increase their financial literacy knowledge so that other support is needed such as training, workshops, and continuous socialization of financial literacy from various related parties.

“This module is important because it will play a role in creating MSME players with financial literacy, characteristics and financial products. To be more excited to see what is needed to develop,” he said.

Elsya also added that although financial literacy is still lacking, the potential for digitalization in Indonesia is relatively very high because as many as 73.7 percent of the people are connected to the internet with daily use of accessing the internet 5 hours per day via mobile phones.

In addition to this module, the public can also take part in the MSME onboarding program which aims to increase the capacity of MSME actors towards the digital era. To take part in this program, MSMEs must have some special requirements and the process of submitting stages, but various types of MSMEs can participate in this program.

One of the main requirements is to have social media and have a turnover of 60 million per year and the most important thing is that MSME actors have not been maximized to digitize their business. After going through the curation stage, participants will take part in online education, mentoring, and monitoring.

The ultimate goal of this MSME onboarding program is that MSME players will be able to enter e-commerce, make payments with QRIS, business social media, expand market access, and increase sales.

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