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Today’s Gold Price Slightly Rises To Rp932,000 Per Gram

Gold Price Today 28 September 2022 is IDR 932,000 per gram. The price increased by Rp. 2,000 from Tuesday’s trade (27/9/2022). On Tuesday’s trading, Antam’s gold price was at Rp930,000 per gram.

Meanwhile, the repurchase price or buy back in the range of IDR 796.000 per gram. That means if you want to sell gold, Antam will value it at IDR 796,000 per gram.

Antam’s gold price is valid at Antam’s Pulogadung office, East Jakarta.

Gold Price Today 28 September 2022

Antam sells gold in sizes ranging from 0.5 grams to 1,000 grams. As of 08.00 WIB, most of Antam’s gold sizes are available.

Gold bar

Here’s a list gold bullion price Antam sells:

  • 0.5 gram: IDR 516.000
  • 1 gram: IDR 932,000
  • 2 grams: IDR 1,804,000
  • 3 grams: IDR 2,681,000
  • 5 grams: IDR 4,435,000
  • 10 grams: IDR 8,815,000
  • 25 grams: IDR 21,912,000
  • 50 grams: IDR 43,745,000
  • 100 grams: IDR 87,412,000
  • 250 grams: IDR 218,265,000
  • 500 grams: IDR 436,320,000
  • 1000 grams: IDR 872.600.000

Gold Batik Pattern

Antam also sells gold with Truntum batik patterns, Wahyu Tumurun batik, Sekar Jagad batik and Purbonegoro batik.

Truntum Batik Gold Display, Wahyu Tumurun, Sekar Jagad, Purbonegoro

For Antam’s gold price with batik pattern:

#1 Batik Truntum

  • 10 grams = Rp. 9,670,000
  • 20 grams = IDR 18,700,000

#2 Batik Wahyu Legurun

  • 10 grams = Rp. 9,670,000
  • 20 grams = IDR 18,700,000

#3 Sekar Jagad Batik

  • 10 grams = Rp. 9,670,000
  • 20 grams = IDR 18,700,000

#4 Batik Purbonegoro

  • 10 grams = Rp. 9,670,000
  • 20 grams = IDR 18,700,000


  • The price of gold bullion includes PPh 22 of 0.9%.
  • When you include your TIN, you will get a lower tax deduction of 0.45%.

For more complete information about today’s gold price in the cities of Surabaya, Bandung, Medan and Semarang, please check today’s gold price page.

In addition to the price of gold, you can find out the prices of other commodities in the Commodity Price Table.

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Gold Price News Today 28 September 2022

Suggestion: SELL at Rally

Area: 1632.00 – 1634.00

Target 1) 1626.00

Target 2) 1620.00

Stop Loss: 1640.00


  1. Hold/Follow SELL if it breaks below 1620.79 (FR 0% H1),
  1. As long as it doesn’t break above 1653/1655 (trend line Resistance H1) still can SELLMust set SL above trend line!!!
  1. Afternoon/evening scenario, please check the explanation in this article and complete information in the article in section H4!
  1. Be sure to read the explanation in the article first to understand the backup scenario!


Customize it with your trading strategy! If the strategy is short, we recommend using a relatively smaller SL and TP!

The following is news and gold analysis today 28 September 2022 presented by Agrofund Futures:

Today’s Gold Price Movement 28 September 2022

The price of gold has fallen again with the price rolling below 1630 bouncing to a high of 1642.20, but then reversed down in the evening to close at 1628.90.

Overall, it does not make low new in Tuesday’s trading session, as the lowest level at 1622.00 held since the early opening in the Asian session until the NY close.

Technically, candlestick close by body candle white with tail length above, tends to fall into the type category candle reverse hammer. Should be an opportunity to get bouncing or setback.

It’s just that the opportunity looks still likely to be slim considering the market is still overshadowed by the appearance of the Fed speaker and also the effect of dollar demand at the end of the month. 3 days before the end of the month usually the demand for dollars tends to increase.

This trend is likely to last until the end of this week.

The market is in a trading state”good news is bad news” because the strong US data helped to pressure the bond market and turned the dollar sell-off that had occurred in the Asian to European sessions into general meeting which is quite moderate.

Mary Daly’s statement, President of the San Francisco Fed said he wanted to bring inflation down without causing the economy to fall into recession.

That’s why according to Daly it’s so important to navigate through the current high inflation conditions with caution, and the Fed is committed to doing just that.

Economic Data

Tonight the US economic data will focus on pending home sales data and also the appearance of a statement from the Fed speaker back with the focus on Bostic, Bullard and also Powell.

Bostic and Bullard are known to be very hawkish Fed officials, and encourage more aggressive Fed Action. If it is consistent with his statement, then we will again see pressure looming over the equity market and also Gold.

7:30 p.m. U.S Goods Trade Balance (Expires -$85M & Previously -$89.06M)

7:30 p.m. U.S Wholesale Supplies (M/M) (Expiration 0.3% & Previous 0.6%)

7:35 p.m. US Fed Bostic speech

21.00 WIB US Pending Home Sales (M/M) (Expiration -1.4% & Previous -1.0%)

21.00 WIB US Pending Home Sales (Y/Y) (Expiration -23% & Previous -19.9%)

21:10 WIB US Fed Bullard speech

21:15 WIB US Fed Chair Powell speech

Notes: Stay alert with huge volatility on market which can suddenly change at any time!

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Gold Technical Analysis

Today's Gold and Forex Price Movements 28 Sep 2022 gd

Price Chart Daily

Daily: Candle close by candle reverse hammerwhich should make it easier for bouncing nor setback optimistic. But this condition can fail if today’s close again fails above 1649.50 (tall 26 September 2022).

setback will only be obtained and more convincing if Gold is able to break above the zone resistance 1653/1655, or minimum closing above 1649.50. While on the downside, the threat of 1606 and 1600 does not seem to have faded.

We still have a chance to see a decline in that area, or it could even be lower.

If Fed speaker further confirms its hawkish position, then US data remains strong, and coupled with end-of-month effects that tend to show increased demand for the dollar, the weight on Gold in a row could undermine the chances bouncing this is until the weekend, thus opening the door for a break of 1600 pressure this week.

Today's Gold and Forex Price Movements 28 Sept 2022 gh4

No: Faster graphic display, please check @AgrodanaFutures youtube in the “Public

H4 Price Chart

H4: The price is moving in the range of 1622/1626 in the Asian session when we wrote the article at 9.42 WIB. In area, there is an opportunity to form a pattern double bottom that can make gold experience nail or increase first.

This means having to confirm the breakout neckline namely in 1638/1640.

If no penetration occurs neckline then the opportunity that tends to occur is to re-form rectangularthen press slowly again.

Or the other option is not to happen bouncing optimal, but immediately dropped lower and chased the FE 100% H4 level at 1606.00. While Target of Rough Rectangular Previously it was still in the 1598/1600 range.

So, overall, we can’t see yet bouncing too high an increase. Even as long as the price keeps moving below 1653/1655, the zone SELL remain dominant.

On the other hand, if the decline has reached or is approaching the 1600 zone, a rebound is expected due to the ‘bounty hunter’ who usually wait in the area”round number” the.

you can do buy if this happens, but with a note: only short termand also use the SL below support it’s because trend the main trend is still overshadowed by the decline.

Today's Gold and Forex Price Movements 28 Sept 2022 gh1

H1 Price Chart

H1: When we wrote the article, in the Asian session at 9.55 WIB, Gold was at 1624.40, tall 1630.40, low 1622.70. In principle, double bottom tends to have a chance, so that the potential for decline in the Asian session is more wide open than its reflection.

However, we expect the overall pattern double bottom will find failure. Because, when there is an upward bounce, the increase is stuck in resistance the 1635/1638 range, then pressed down.

Whole, view still inclined Rough until we see bouncing is an opportunity to do it again SELL.

As long as the increase is unable to break above trend line resistance 1653/1655, then it’s still worth going back to doing SELLalthough later there will be an increase above FR 61.8% H1 at 1637.67.

In the afternoon/evening, pay attention to the notes in section H4!

The thing to remember is that because this area uses H1, then for the evening you should focus on our notes on the H4 chart!

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