“Today I’m on duty, I can’t!” – Want to Make a Survey of the Causes of ‘Slow’ Management, Media Swearing Controllers Ready to Seize Phones

Yesterday, there was a commotion of a contagious video on the platform Twitter featuring a security guard at the Immigration office ‘raging’ on behalf of the media.

Through a 1-minute video uploaded on the platform, the ‘security’ on duty at the time shouted at the media who wanted to make a survey at the place.

The reason the media wanted to do a survey at the place was because they wanted to know the cause of the slow management there so that people had to queue for a long time.

However, their purpose was thwarted because they were chased away and threatened by the guards to call the police if they did not leave and gave them 5 seconds to leave the place.

You need permission to be here, this is UTC, understand ?!

In the meantime, the guard had confiscated the mobile phone of one of the media personnel who recorded his actions raging towards them.

Because the video sharing has been viral on the social media platform, many netizens left their views on what had happened, other than advising the guards on duty on work ethic.

Netizens think that his act of ‘raging’ in the general public is like eating himself because it can be discussed in a good way. In fact, some even said that the guards had no right to block because the media had a pass that allowed them to make coverage issued by the Information Department.

Hairth Iskander

2 months ago

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