Tips to stop Facebook from sharing your personal data

The discussion of the security of Facebook accounts is endless, although Facebook provides strict security, it does not guarantee that the data of each account will be safe. Even small-scale hacking can be dangerous, especially as personal information theft.

If you remember the scandal Cambridge AnalyticaTo be exact, in 2014, they were able to legally obtain the personal data of almost all Facebook users, and sell it to major tech companies to make money thanks to the data information. And Facebook only realized this in 2018.

Since then, Facebook has added restrictions that allow others to not easily see a user’s personal information data. However, some things need to be done to completely get rid of collecting information about accounts.

Restrict apps and websites associated with the account

When there is an option to quickly register on a website or app to use Facebook, some people usually choose this option because it is practical and not complicated to verify via email. However, in the middle of the process, there will be an app permission dialog, and information for the website or app will also be obtained.

Most people ignore the information that will be sent and only allow it. In fact, this is what should be checked again so that they do not get sensitive information.

If it’s just a name and an email address, that’s normal, but when it comes to other things, it’s not normal, of course.

To check the apps or websites connected to your account, please go to Settings and privacy > ranking > Apps and Websites. Whether on desktop or on mobile, the menu is the same.

Restrict apps and websites linked to a Facebook account

All the apps listed there have been given access to some of your data, because you allowed it at the time. And to see what data is currently being shared, click the button View and edit In addition to the application or website.

At this time, you have to select the information you want to delete from the app or website, for example remove permissions for friends list, event list, status updates, etc. This must be done one by one.

Facebook also provides an option to disable third-party apps, which means you won’t be able to use that Facebook account to log into apps or websites again if this option is disabled. But I don’t think it’s the right choice, because users can still manually restrict data permissions on every app or website.

Delete activity history from Facebook

It is actually easier to perform a security audit by looking at the activity history on the account. But the Facebook system can basically track some user activity even when they are not using Facebook.

That’s because many websites share data with your Facebook account, mostly through personalized ads.

To check it out, please go to Settings and privacy > ranking > Your Facebook information > Activities outside of Facebook.

Delete activity history from Facebook

Click Recent activity To see a complete list of apps or websites that share data information. You will be asked to enter your account password for security. And then press Option View activity log And keep clicking Options Delete previous activity.

Deleting this history is only temporary, so in the future Facebook can still log your activities outside of Facebook. This is only done to display relevant ads.

Users who do not know this will certainly not realize that their data has been used for years for advertising purposes. And by just deleting it once, you will disconnect and of course the ads that appear on Facebook will be different than they were before.

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Check your privacy on Facebook

If you are concerned about your privacy on Facebook, try doing a full privacy check by going to Settings and privacy > ranking > Privacy. And in the Privacy Shortcut section, please click on the menu Check some important settings.

Check account privacy again on Facebook

Examples on the page Who can see what you shareyou can set things like hometown information, date of birth and other similar information so that no one knows about it, so please set privacy as ‘just me“.

Do the same for the other privacy settings that appear on the check page. The point is that information that is categorized as important to yourself should be hidden from others.

Remember, there is only one way to get complete freedom to track personal data on Facebook, and that is to never have a Facebook account or permanently delete it. It’s not just Facebook that handles user data like this, but The Google And other large companies are the same.

Simply put, you have consciously shared your important information with Facebook and the settings are the only way to hide it from the public, while Facebook and one company dead Know the information and it is only a matter of time until the data leaks out like the usual case. But with permanent account deletion or no account, you will have no worries when the problem appears.

generally no guarantee 100% Your online privacy will be preserved. The proof is that there are always big companies every year whose data is leaked and sold on forums, including your personal email. It may contain not only an email, but also complete information from name, date of birth and even full address.

Want to know an example? Open the site Firefox Monitor And enter your email address. If a list of websites appears there, this is a sign that your personal information has been leaked and sold.

Just a little bit of information, Firefox Monitor provides valid and updated data every month. So the leaked data is real and they have that too. That’s it from this article, if you want to add something or ask questions related to the article above, just discuss it in the comments column.

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