Tips Shimakaze World of Warships: Commander Skill dan Upgrade

Shimakaze is a destroyer from Japan. This ship is quite popular with almost everyone, from history lovers to anime and game fans. The reason is, this ship appears in several anime and game series, including in the World of Warships game. In this game Shimakaze World of Warships occupies a tier ten position in the Japanese destroyer line torpedo boat tech tree.

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Shimakaze is also the oldest ship in the game. This is because Shimakaze has been around since this game was released in 2015.

On this occasion, I will give a tutorial on how to play this ship in the World of Warships game.

Pilihan torpedo Shimakaze World of Warships

Shimakaze is a Japanese torpedo boat type destroyer, which means Shimakaze relies on his torpedoes to deal damage to enemy ships. This is supported by the characteristics of the torpedo it has. Shimakaze carries 15 torpedoes, the most of all destroyers in the game with a long range (20km stock torpedoes). Shimakaze can surprise many passing ships, especially enemy warships.

Shimakaze also has several choices of torpedo types that can be used, there are 3 types of torpedoes that you can choose from, two of which require EXP to research the torpedo, I will describe the three options:

1. Type 93

This is Shimakaze’s stock torpedo, with a long range, 20km. This torpedo is suitable as a tool to attack the enemy secretly. This type of torpedo has the lowest damage compared to the other 2 options, but in large numbers. If half of all torpedoes hit the target, it would be enough to sink enemy heavy cruisers and enemy aircraft carriers.

2. Type 93 mod.3

This is another version of the above torpedo, with upgraded specifications. This torpedo is faster than the type of topedo above, has greater damage, but the attack distance of this torpedo is reduced to only 12km. This torpedo is usually used by players who combine the shooting power of Shimakaze and his torpedo.

3. Type F3

This torpedo is the fastest torpedo owned by Shimakaze, with a speed of up to 76 knots and a relatively short distance of only 8km. These torpedoes are difficult to avoid by enemy ships, especially cruisers, aircraft carriers, and enemy warships. Although the damage of this torpedo is not as big as the Type 93 mod.3 torpedo, in the hands of a player who has high skills, this torpedo is very deadly.

Statistik Shimakaze

After knowing the main source of Shimakaze’s damage, the next is Shimakaze’s own stats. As a destroyer, the Shimakaze was not a big ship. This means that Shimakaze has the ability to hide using the islands on the game map.

Shimakaze has excellent standard concealment stats. He can be detected by enemy ships at a distance of 7.11 km from Shimakaze, this can be lowered again by using camouflage, upgrades, and commander skills.

Shimakaze’s speed is 39 knots. It wasn’t that fast because there were other ships that had more speed than Shimakaze. However, when combined with his concealment stats, Shimakaze could quickly disappear from the enemy’s sight.

These statistics are the main support for Shimakaze to carry out its duties as a torpedo boat. With his concealment and speed, Shimakaze can launch a torpedo before Shimakaze is detected by the enemy. Not only that, with such stats, Shimakaze can go straight to the front line and detect enemy ships, which is very helpful for his team to land the first shot.

Upgrade Shimakaze

Upgrades greatly affect the performance of Shimakaze. What is needed? Bonded I give a little explanation of all that is needed.

1. Main Armament Modifications 1

This upgrade is very useful because this upgrade will reduce the risk of our ship’s armor being damaged by fire from enemy ships, as well as reducing the time to repair damaged weaponry from enemy ships.

2. Engine Room Protection

This upgrade works exactly the same as the first upgrade. The difference is this upgrade is specifically for ship engines.

3. Torpedo Tubes Modification 1

This upgrade serves to speed up the rotation of the ship’s torpedo tube, reduce the risk of damage to the torpedo tube, and also accelerate the speed of the ship’s torpedo by 5%.

4. Propulsion Modification 1

Useful for increasing the engine power when the ship is moving, so that the ship can reach maximum speed in a short time, or Stearing Gears Modification 1. This serves to speed up the turning time of the ship, meaning the ship will be easy to turn. This can be used to avoid enemy fire, and make it difficult for the enemy to predict the direction of the ship’s movement. You can choose between these 2 upgrades according to how you play this ship, yes!

5. Concealment Modification 1

This is a mandatory upgrade that almost all ships should have. This upgrade serves to increase the ship’s concealment stats so that the ship is more difficult to detect by the enemy.

6. Torpedo Tubes Modification 2

This is the second torpedo upgrade to take. This upgrade serves to reduce the torpedo’s reload time by 15%. Or, if you have, maybe you bought it from armory or got it from one of the daily missions, there is a special Shimakaze upgrade called Torpedo Quick Reload System. This is a special upgrade for Shimakaze. This upgrade is very helpful because it will provide a 25% reduction in reload time, speed up the rotation of the torpedo tube by 70%, and reduce the risk of the torpedo tube being destroyed by enemy fire.

Commander Skill Shimakaze World of Warships

We have discussed the upgrade, next is the commander skill. There are 4 levels of commander skill that you can use, each level has 2 or 3 skills to choose from. I’ll explain them all, and I’ll sort them from the most recommended to the least recommended, although they are still useful for Shimakaze.

  1. Preventive Maintenance (reducing the risk of the ship’s armor being damaged by enemy fire), Incoming Fire Alert (giving a warning when there is a bullet aimed at the ship), Liquidator (giving 30% buff for torpedoes giving a flooding effect to enemy ships).
  2. Last Stand (gives immunity to the engine, the ship can move even if the engine is damaged, but with a penalty, the ship will move slower), Swift Fish (gives 5% additional speed to the torpedo).
  3. Survivability Expert (gives ships an additional 350 HP), Fill the Tubes (gives a 10% reduction in torpedo reload time), Adrenaline Rush (gives a 0.2% reduction in reload for all armaments each ship loses 1% of its HP).
  4. Concealment Expert (gives an additional 10% concealment, making ships difficult to detect), Radio Location (informs the presence of the enemy ship closest to our ship, but doesn’t tell us what ship it is), Swift and Silent (gives a ship speed buff of 8% and reduced ship fire reload time by 5% when the ship is not detected by the enemy).

To increase ship performance, you can use signal and camouflage in the game. There are many signals and camouflages that you can use according to your needs. However, remember, read and research the use of existing signals before using to avoid misuse. This way, you can use Shimakaze World of Warships to its full potential.

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